“You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy” ~Buddha

Before taking this course— I have to be honest, I did not always first think about how grateful I was. I learned that the key to true happiness is indeed gratitude. The only way to receive abundance in your life is to first be grateful for what it is you already have. Believe me; life will begin to change for the better. This class was more than I thought it would be, it actually taught me something valuable about life.


An Ah-Ha moment for me was learning about how being grateful actually improves not only your mental health but also your physical health! Yes, it’s unbelievable. Your immune system gets stronger, your blood pumps better and you have more mental clarity than ever before. You start to look at the world differently and lead with different intentions— truly amazing.

On the optimistic path and moving forward

Positive Psychology opened my eyes to how I think people should be grateful and positive in life. So often, we try to chase an idea of what we think we should be, or what other people tell us we should become. What we don’t realize is that we get one life—just one. While we need to strive to be the best version of ourselves, we also need to open our eyes to all of the blessings that already surround us each and every day. Just being grateful for waking up in the morning is enough. If you stay humble and grateful for the small things in life, the bigger blessings will fill your heart with an unspeakable amount of joy. The world needs more optimistic and positive people. The main reason for people being negative in life is because they are not satisfied. Society always tells us that we need certain material things to be happy, to look a certain way, etc. It’s simply not true. Going forward, I will take this with me forever and give thanks to every blessing. This class was an amazing reminder that optimism really does go a long way.

About the author: Janessa Harris is a student at Chaminade University. Her future goals are to obtain her MBA from Chaminade University and continue running her photography business. In her free time, she likes to relax with her puppies and husband.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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