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Before taking positive psychology I thought this class would be exactly how it was. Of course I learned way more than I ever expected in such a short period of time but that’s the great part about it. I didn’t know how much fun it would be, but then again I thought how could it be boring its positive psychology, there is no way a professor could turn this class into a dreadful one. Knowing it was with Professor Soots was a dead giveaway that it would be a fun, interesting, and very informational class. I really wanted to take this class because my fiancé and I are very into positive thinking and believe what you put out there will come back to you. I have a hard time practicing that all the time because of the daily stressors of adulthood, but I thought the more I learn about it, the more I am able to implement it into my daily life. I really saw this class as the next step. I thought if there is a class on it and not just wellness books and sayings, then this is something that is legit, even though I believed it already they have found a way to kind of put holistic meets medicine or the universe meets science, for example your mind controls a lot of what your body goes through, laughing therapy, crystals and yoga, etc. This is a lifestyle that is becoming very popular. These are some of the reasons and thoughts I had about this class before I registered.

Seeing a new me through mindfulness

Mindfulness was my Ah-Ha moment. I want to say a lot of the things I read about, I already knew. But I had and still have a very hard time implementing them into my life, you could say I am just being stubborn and actually not being mindful at all. When I stumbled upon mindfulness it just kinda clocked in my head that I really need to start being mindful and actually take the time out of my day to check myself, my thoughts, and my actions. I can say I am getting better at doing this, or at least I was before the stressful move I just made across the country. I would check my attitude throughout the day if I had gotten upset about something little, or if I was holding onto something that happened a few hours or a few days ago. I would check the way I said things during a fight with my fiancé because I have been known to have a sharp tongue. I would check myself if I was complaining about how sunny and hot it was when I should be grateful for this weather instead of a hurricane. I became more aware of myself and my surroundings and grateful. I noticed a huge change with my outlook on life.

About the Author: My name is Teanna, I attend Chaminade and I will be graduating next year. I took a break for a little bit and now I am back on track and better than ever. I an currently Nanny. I am going to be a foster mother by next year and I eventually plan to own a lot of land with a small organic farm and open up a group home for foster kids.


“We are the Positive Psychology People”

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