Spring offers the time for renewal, upliftment and an inner awakening. It is stretching out the body, mind and soul from the darkness of the winter and it brings the feeling of coming to life for all of God’s creations. The hibernation season of the winter months where the spirit within us feels like taking less action and more time to rest has a subtle change as there is a newness of energy flowing through us. The darkness makes rooms for the light and we make our way like new buds of flowers into the arena of the blossoming world around us. The winter months, the darkness and the time to go within has a vibrational need to expand, be more with the collectiveness of humanity and more of an urgency to go outside, as we shred the need to keep wrapped up warm and cosy connected to those winter months. The breath fills our lungs with fresh air and the spring fills our souls with its pleasant riches of calmness as the sunlight gently touches our bodies. It is a time of letting go and embracing change as the seasons orchestrate a new rhythm for us to dance with. When we let go of all the things that no longer serve us, we then have the room to let the new in. When we clear the old pathway, we create a new, more rewarding and richer pathway for our dreams, aspirations and ambitions to flourish.

A spring clean for our minds

Use this spring energy to clear your minds from those thoughts that sabotage your inner peace and keep you in a heighten stress fuelled existence. Really examine which thoughts increase your positive emotions and make you feel life’s joys and repeat these. If we cannot change the things today which occupy our thoughts and turn us into the lower vibration of ourselves feeling anxious, continuous worry and frustrated, then say thank you to those difficult thoughts for turning up and showing you your concerns. Say to them ‘I have acknowledged these thoughts and I will put the necessary action in place to resolve these concerns to the best of my ability, but you do not need to stalk me, repeat them until I can no longer see the woods through the trees. Today is one day and as Rome was not built in a day, I will change what I can today, and I bid you farewell’. If you struggle to stay in the positive, then use techniques such as the Magic If and Emotion Memory given to us from Konstantin Stanislavski, the Russian Theatre Practitioner, in the early twentieth century. He used to get his student actors to imagine their roles and called this the Magic If or recall a memory similar to the role or situation that would draw out the required emotions naming this technique Emotion Memory. We have an imagination for a reason, so why not use it on the good stuff. This is not the only practitioner through the ages of time, who have given the use of visualisation as a tool to bring about change. Barbara Fredrickson in her ‘Positivity’ book and Sonja Lyubomirsky in her book, ‘The How Happiness’ incorporate this transformational technique to bring about happiness and positivity. What would our lives look like if we focused more of the good than the bad? What would the world be like if we focused on the positive more than the negative?

A Spring clean for our emotions

Thoughts and emotions to me are so interconnected, they are wired together, so if you what to change your emotions then make sure you also take into consideration your thoughts. So what emotions do you want to feel more of this year? What emotions do you need to release to make way for the emotions you really want to embrace in your life? As the spring offers this energy of renewal, take this renewal and spring clean your emotions. If you cannot do it alone, surround yourself with the people who make you laugh, you have fun with and uplift your mood. Surround yourself with those people who inspire you, bring in compassion and kindness and radiate this energy. Then do something you really love doing, give yourself the time to immerse yourself in it and really enjoy the gifts this activity gives you. It can be cooking, reading a good book, going for a walk, listening to music. You know what it is that your soul loves to do, so just do it.

Let the energy of spring revitalise you as you declutter and make room for the new.

About the Author: Kelly is a teacher, hypnotherapist, counsellor and positive psychologist. Her passion to help people transforms their lives has been a key value from childhood and has been the inspiration behind her work and the way she lives her life. She is the co-founder of Positive Teacher Therapy, which specialises in mental health and well-being services and resources to help teachers flourish.

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