“Change your thoughts and you can change your world.”

Before Taking Positive Psychology my thoughts about the course were quite enthusiastic. After being out of school for so long I decided that Positive Psychology would be the best class to get my feet wet again. This class did not disappoint. I learned so much about myself and how I could treat myself better through my thought processes. I did not imagine that this class would have as much as an impact on my entire life as it has. I now wake up every morning with positive thoughts and it really does change the way my day goes. I used to dread getting out of bed, scared of what the day was to surprise me with and what obstacles I would have to navigate through. But now I wake up, Thank God for another day and I take my days one stride at a time.

Don’t take it personally

An Ah-Ha moment for me was when I read how a pessimist personalizes certain situations. The scenario was, when waving at someone or saying hello that the pessimist would internalize that and think that said person does not like them. However, an optimist would instead think that the other person was just preoccupied and just did not notice the greeting. When reading that I completely seen myself, but then I read that we can train our minds not to be so pessimistic and I knew I had to dig deeper. Being pessimistic in certain situations can be helpful, but being an overall optimistic person is now my goal. I had always known that I might be a bit pessimistic, but I didn’t realize how much. Realizing this gave me a chance to step back an evaluate my feelings, not just for this scenario but for many others. I have learned to breathe when things get stressful, and to overcome hurdles in my daily life.

A new mindset through a transformed prospective

Positive Psychology opened my eyes to my flawed thinking. I’m the type of person that would smile and say hello to the world, but the one time someone doesn’t say hi back I take it personal. This class has taught me that its OK if someone doesn’t say hi back, it doesn’t mean they don’t like me but that maybe they just didn’t hear me or they just weren’t happy with whatever their situation is at the moment. I’ve also learned that being negative can make you physically ill. It is enticing to hear that optimist tend to live longer. My favorite movie is Patch Adams because you can truly see how much the power of positivity has on our health. Outcomes are so much more favorable if we believe in ourselves and remain positive.

About the author: Claudia Sommers is a student at Chaminade University, majoring in Psychology. She is from Los Angeles CA. After serving her country in the Air Force, she continues to serve as an army wife and mother of 3 beautiful boys.  She is grateful for the opportunities the military has provided her family with seeing the world.


‘We are he Positive Psychology People”

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