The Light Life will sparkle with joy, bliss and love. This new blog is my contribution to The Positive Psychology People. We’ve been living in some darker times for so many individuals. Some of us have lived in unabashed privilege and comfort while others have suffered in hardship and despair. 

I hope to bring the concept of vision by illuminating the sky in a collection of light filled life lessons. The goal is, how can we adapt the research and science of positive psychology to best serve all. 

I have just spent the better part of a year applying the principles of second wave positive psychology to a vastly underserved population of people in order to see if the system would accept it as equitable and just for that population. I learned a lot as I worked with individuals who rarely hear the uplifting messages we spread in our field. 

New Normal 

The new light, the new journey, and this blog are dedicated to the strong women and children who are scrambling to pull themselves out of a system of blame and shame. The inconvenient truth of our field is that it can’t easily be applied to individuals full of systemic challenges. 

Systems sometimes forget who we serve. We get caught up in our autopilot way of doing things. Our leaders become comfortable using tried and true ways of servicing the system, but sometimes forget that no two humans are exactly alike. We use statistics but must not believe that people become them. 


When we clearly see someone for who they are; and when we treat them with the same reverence as the miracle that is the fire fly, who lights up all on its own, by an inner system of chemical connections; we realize that there is so much more.

Energy doesn’t lie. It’s part of us. The sparkle in a child’s eye or the illumination of meaning in an otherwise meaningless pulse of despair in a woman’s heart, gives rise to hope. Hope floats on the winds of change. 

We are not researchers to become wealthy or famous. We are not teachers so that we can have celebrity status. We are lighthouses for those who need us to light up the sky with knowledge so that our global citizens can find their way. 

We, the people of positive psychology are the light keepers on the path of life for those who need to remember who they are. It’s our calling to be there for all, not just the select few.


I applied Wong’s Meaning Theory to my practice of working with domestic violence survivors. Time heals some wounds, yet, the people who heal from violence are shining brighter in their new normal. Today I realize, there is so much more to do. 

The life lessons learned on the healing path can’t always fix the wrongs of the world, but with a guide who knows the path in the darkness, they can profoundly offer a flicker of hope. This is the story of the collective. 

In peace and light,


Author: Karen Henry is a holistic healer, writer, and positive psychology practitioner since 2007. @henryhealing dot com. This is chapter One. Read more of her work here



‘We Are The Positive Psychology People’

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