I recently had the honor of interviewing Janni Goss about her book ‘Love Laughter and Longevity. The Art and Science of Wellbeing’. One thing I would love to share with you is her Laughter Prescription. What a great way to enhance your life and keep you positive.

She suggestions an Optimal Daily Dose of 20 Minutes of laughter and suggests how to do this in your every day life. It is suggested to try and do this in one large dose but can also be broken up to smaller segments as well.

Share your Smile

A great way to produce endorphins and because of the mirror neurons, we tend to mimic those around us, and this spreads the happy feeling. It’s free and can make the world of difference to the way we feel and who knows you may even cheer someone else up.

Avoid Bad News. Look for Good News

Be sure not to start or end your day with the News, most times it is focused on the bad events happening around and seldom have the positives. Also, be aware of kids watching the News because it could easily be misinterpreted and it could ignite fear in them.

Start actively looking for the good things happening and celebrate even the smallest breakthroughs.

Play, Laugh and have Fun with People in Your Life, especially Children

Laughter is the social glue that binds us together – Patch Adams.

I love to have fun with those around me, and to play. You will be surprised at how kids remember the times you made them laugh. I know with my kids I always try to laugh as much as possible – unfortunately, I only get to see them for a week every 3 months so it is vital that those memories are pleasant.

Access more Comedy – TV, Movies, DVD’s, Radio, Print Media and Internet

Find out about what actually makes you laugh and what you find funny. There is even an online Sense of Humour test that would help you find appropriate humourous material for you. Lol who would of thought it was such serious business?

The idea is to have a list of go to programs to watch when you hit those difficult times and maybe you could use the pick me up. Or you simply may find this is a great way to unwind after a busy day at work. This will also help you be more productive at home.

Be an Optimist – Have Hope in Your Life

There is evidence that optimists live longer and have happier lives. Laughter is a natural ingredient contributes to life’s quality and helps you have something to look forward to.

Exercise Your Sense of Humour!

Not taking life too seriously will help with resilience and the ability to bounce back after various set backs. We all go through them and it’s the way we look at life that will determine the outcome. My fave equation E + R = O (Event – which can’t change + your Reaction = your outcome) Make sure you are Responding not Reacting.

Use Humour to De-Stress, Laugh at Yourself

We all forget things, lose things and can’t remember names, which is usually due to not being totally present in the moment or multi-tasking. One great way to refer to these moments is to call them “intellectual interludes”. And we really should try and respond to these interludes in a fun positive way rather than with frustration or self criticism which isn’t very good for your health.

Find a Laughter Club and do Laughter Yoga!

This is the biggy because its what I do – you can find my club in Woking, Surrey but there are many others to be found around the world, feel free to Google Laughter Clubs and your area.

Nothing can beat the connection you feel when laughing in a group. Making a commitment to your wellbeing and to Laughing on purpose will have a huge difference in the way you feel. This is an aerobic exercise and can be practiced by anyone whether standing or seated. It mixes pranayamic breathing with laughter exercises, and usually ends in laughter meditation, which is when the real magic happens.

Seek help if Laughter is elusive

When you find that your Sense of Humour has disappeared it is known as ‘humorectomy’ and is really challenging and shows warning signs of significant stress and indicates that steps need to be taken. It’s OK to as for help.

Give Thanks for the Benefits of Laughter!

Research has demonstrated the physiological and psychological benefits of Laughter, as well as the positive influence on social and spiritual wellbeing. We are designed to be amused, playful and to experience joy and happiness.

Laughter is accessible to everyone regardless of race, culture, language, beliefs, gender, age and ability. So share it and be grateful for having been made so perfect.

About the author: To find out more about Jo-Dee Walmsley, please click here.


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