“He who has a ‘WHY’ to live for can bear almost any ‘HOW.” —Friedrich Nietzsche

We always ask ourselves how do we kick this bad habit, how do we become more happy? The answer lies within your mind and actions. Forming good habits lead to accomplishments and accomplishments lead to happiness. When one is happy there is more positivity in their life. What is your reason for the habit you want to keep? Use this as your motivation to commit to your new habit. Find someone who will help motivate you to commit to your new habit. Be creative.

From skepticism to realism

Before taking Positive Psychology my thoughts on this course was, oh this should be fun (in a sarcastic voice). I need more positivity in my everyday life. I am so consumed with work. I’m always telling myself that I am too busy to live because I’m too busy making a living. I was watching life pass me by because work has become so important that I’m lazy when I’m not working. The moment I picked up the HaH book, I knew this was actually going to be a fun class instead of a sarcastic interesting class; I was right. I even told my wife she should read this book…(laughing inside).

My Ah-Ha moment happened while reading Part 2 of HaH. I knew how to form good habits and continue forming good habits. I actually had built a list of “uncompleted” good habits. Once I reached part two, the title page was: “COMMITTING TO NEW HABITS.” My reaction was, “ope there it is, it’s telling me kick your butt into gear woman.” My moment was learning about “finding my motivation.”

Finding motivation through commitment to change

Positive Psychology opened my eyes to motivation. Motivation is the key to actually taking the first step in the process of forming good habits. Everyone knows their motivation, but they need a strong motivation and it needs to be high in order for the new habits to work effectively. Without a strong motivation, we will get bored and not stay committed to the new habit and will fall back into the bad habits. Motivation is a personal thing. People around you can motivate you and encourage you but your motivation needs to be something you do for yourself, not something that will please someone else. Take baby steps. It helps with finding your motivation. I used to be committed with working out prior to meeting my wife and then work got busier and I got lazier. Since starting this class I have been slowly setting time aside to motivate myself to get back into the habit of being a work (out) aholic instead of a workaholic.

About the Author: Javaine (J) Godoy a second year psychology student at Chaminade University.  She is aspiring to become a Pediatric Psychologist. She loves learning about how the mind works. J has two very intelligent children; one girl and one boy. She is currently engaged to her girlfriend of two years; as a family they love experiencing life together.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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