Breathe in. Honor the feeling of your full lungs. Breathe out. Feel the power of knowing that from the moment we are born to the moment we die; our lungs will continue to work without us giving them any thought.

Honor the whole of who you are.

Honor yourself as a human who can and does think, breathe, walk, talk, feel and believe in yourself. Honor the space between your heart beats. Spend time with your thoughts. Give space to your feelings, allowing them to be just as they are, without nose diving into fixing them.

 Character Builds Grace.

We are givers in that we are so blessed to be alive that we are excited to give, help, allow, or bend just to ease the suffering of others. We are helpers because we were born with brains that have such a chemical makeup that we have compassion, empathy, and a need to champion the positive in people.

Not all people deserve our space but we use those highly tuned higher order thinking as a way to understand the people who will take rather than give. There are takers. They will see an opportunity, then go for it, forsaking all others. They say it’s a race, a competition. They do not care if others are hurt. To understand the dance of humanity is both a blessing and a curse.

Honor Grit.

 When we honor and cherish our own whole person as having as much right as all others on earth, we have found love. Love is the one emotion that is most talked about yet most misunderstood. When we honor ourselves enough to love ourselves, we become whole. When we are whole beings, then, we extend that love outward, to the service of others in such a way that the health of the one planet we live on will also heal.

Integrity honors Gratitude.

To understand the pillars of strength, grit for mental and physical toughness; grace for enlightened consciousness, and gratitude for all things, either blessings or life lessons, we are able to honor this experience that is life from a positive psychology of self.

Now take it back to breath. Honor the basic needs of our human bodies. To take it further, while we’re at it, let’s also honor joy. Let’s honor our ability to choose glee, bliss, aesthetic and poetic appreciation.

We are living in a time where we are being sold so many negatives at once. We are the culmination of all of our choices? Do we honor our lives to the extent that we are doing everything in our power to create the life we want to live? Or, something else?

Takers are out there choosing the something else. It’s hard to watch, but it is what it is. What they are doing is not what we have to choose. We get to decide in this moment what is best for us to live our best life, then develop that character.

Free will living on the pillars of a loving sense of self.



Author: Karen Henry, Positive Psychology Practitioner and author since 2007. Owner, Henry Healing.



“We Are The Positive Psychology People”


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