The genuine heart speaks to the soul of others. This one is for you Lesley, from the heart. It’s not business. It’s personal.  Grit, grace and gratitude grew organically out of 4 years of writing for the Positive Psychology People. It came from living through the experience of incredible hardship and challenge.

A venue to explore theory into practice on both a personal and professional synthesis came in the way of writing application through narratives right here on The Positive Psychology People. Dr. Lynn Soots and Lesley Lyle invited me to write here. It started with a series called Clarity followed by a series called Noetic Nomad and now, I write about the application of grit, grace and gratitude into our ordinary lives.

Lesley Lyle, in our hearts

At this moment, Lesley is being challenged with all of the above as she heals. We’ve only met in person once, but once is really all it takes to understand authenticity. Lesley is one of those rare people who sincerely wishes for the world to be a better place. She focuses on creating a safe space for people to explore the spread of the genuineness of the positive psychology movement. She is a nurturer of our field and a care taker of our earth.

It seems a bit of gushing about our fearless leader here at The Positive Psychology People, and I’m not the sort to gush, or say something I don’t believe to be true. Life has taught me to be absolutely silent or absolutely truthful. There is no other way in my mind. Not online and not in person.


In my personal and professional travels, I’ve met too many people who are insincere, dishonest, and not entirely kind. My search for kindness came at a point of being buried in the antithesis of it. It was a journey toward clarity. Hardship will do that to a person. Create an opportunity to step back into safety or step forward into growth. Maslow’s been my guidepost for a couple decades now.

“I’ve got a thing for genuine people” ~ Unknown author

When genuine people come around, they aren’t telling you what to think, do or say. They are usually centered in their own awareness of the world, then, they simply make space for you to be you. Genuine people don’t deny themselves but they don’t deny others either. They don’t push others to be something that they are not, yet, they are not so pliable that they allow anyone to mold their worldview either.

To be a good heart, one is present in the world, yet humble enough to wonder always, where they can make a positive difference. This is our Lesley. She is the woman with the gift to reach the world in her soft spoken genuine compassion for a kinder, gentler, more loving place for all.

Lesley Lyle, if you’re listening, and on behalf of your writers and readers, we know that you have grit and grace, but today, it is the collective that have gratitude. For you. Heal well dear friend.



Author of Indelible Women. Reiki Master. Owner, Henry Healing. Positive Psychology Practitioner since 2017.

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