Eunoia (n.) a pure and well-balanced mind, a good spirit. “Beautiful Thinking”

Beautiful thinking will get you everywhere. Grit, Grace and Gratitude are navigators, but the Eunoia is the driver that clears the mind’s path toward living. I’ve lived in the darkness of hardship, adverse life events and stressors that needed healing.

The path I was on wasn’t a bad one. In fact, it was, or should have been glorious. And yet, others on the path with me didn’t want me to succeed. I didn’t keep my mind clear enough to see what was happening around me. Until, I took ownership as part of the grieving process.

I decided to create a go-to resource that nobody could take from me. The idea of using my favorite three “G’s” in addition to forgiveness as a way to own all of the experiences allows clarity. 



We have a thinking brain that too often doesn’t use conscious decision making or self-reflection as the mile marker on how well we live our lives. We are passionate creatures full of positive and negative emotions. We are imperfect perfection in our thoughts, our choices, and even our way of connecting to the world. Sometimes, we think we know what we know.

Do we? Not always.

One of the mantras I’ve used frequently is to forgive myself for the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. 

Awakening to the knowing that grit and determination can heal, is beautiful. I walked through what I had to do in order to get to what I wanted to do. A blanket of grace will comfort you.

Most of all, I looked for things to be grateful for. Some days were dark. Really dark. I noticed on those days when my mind was doing battle with the fear or failure, I had to lean hard into actively seeking things to be grateful for. I had a lot of conversations with my dog and cats about that. I’m so very grateful for our furry friends. 



One of the often unrecognized, yet most intense actions we can take is to seek and find beauty where ever we are. When I turned on my conscious mind to look for the beauty in the world, I flipped a healing switch.  

The light of love of life illuminated everything.

There was still darkness. Shadows of the past.  Toxic people, places and experiences didn’t leave, but I saw that they were merely the shadow to the light. 

The glorious experience of sunlight through trees, or the dance of sunshine on the water drew me to more positive feelings. The look of love in my dog’s face and the excitement in my child’s voice when they talked about their future. I heard it all. I saw it with new eyes. I felt it with a healed heart. Scars? Of course.

I stepped out into a eunoia life of my own conscious choosing. The gift of beautiful thinking. 

To own a balanced mind, a good spirit and a beautiful way of thinking doesn’t erase the negative or dark parts of the world. It simply sheds light on that which can allow light, love and laughter to grow. 

In Gratitude,


Karen Henry

About the Author: Karen Henry is a former university professor and now author of Indelible Women: The OM [Original Me]. She owns Henry Healing and Ink, Honey Press, a boutique Indie publishing house. Karen’s been a positive psychology practitioner since 2007.Grit. 



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