Do you know how much we can get done with 21 days in staycation? Lock down? Social distancing? Physical distancing? SO MANY things!

In 21 days, we can kick a sugar addiction ~ knit a blanket for a friend ~ write a novel ~ change the trajectory of our goals ~ befriend new people to the point of sharing and caring.

In 21 days, we can pay kindness forward only once a day and help 21 people. We can create a whole new business, with plan, website and workbook ready to launch. In 21 days, we can take and certify in a new course. We can learn the basics of a new language.


In 21 days we can create a whole new life, filled with a new attitude toward everything. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, nor will it be joyful. Unless we add that to the recipe, intentionally that is. We can in 21 days, lose 10 pounds or gain 10 pounds if we are fortunate enough to have this weight issue as a first world problem.

We can remember that there are some people in our world who are less fortunate, so don’t think of the easier things in life, like being over or under weight. They are happy if they find food. We can search and find a new place to live, or change cities, new jobs, or new romance. Unless what we really want is to survive a global pandemic virus that’s making it hard for us to breath. Then, it takes about 21 days to heal, for the most part, after contracting said disease.

Grit. Grace. Gratitude.

When we lean into our pillar of character strengths, utilizing our master skills while focusing on our survival (or dreams if we’re blessed with the luxury of being able to live higher up on the hierarchy of needs); we can create that life we’ve always dreamed of. A master plan if you will.

Mental toughness infused with sustainable dream weaving are possible in just 21 days.

One of my favorite exercises learned from Ben Dean and my Mentor Coach community was the Blue Sky vision technique. I use it with clients, with my writing and in life in general. Dream it, then become it. It helped me out of my darkest days, and they were very dark, into the manifestation of reconstructing life into putting my master plan into place.

The Vision Board

A 21-day vision board works. Again, when we are blessed with the resources to make it work. For those who are economically challenged, it can be 21 days as an inside job. Literally and figuratively. Whatever it is that we don’t like about ourselves, can be shifted, nudged and changed toward what we want instead.

Whatever it is that we wish for, we can start now. By the end of April, we can choose to get on that path we always dream of. 21 days from now, what part of your vision board will be right there in front of you? Part of you?



May you find the courage to shift into this new way of being.

Author: Karen Henry, Positive Psychology Practitioner and author since 2007. Owner, Henry Healing 



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