Grit, grace and gratitude are our trinity. Grit is the key ingredient to standing up in a world full of trauma and drama. Grace, the glue to hold it all together. And gratitude? Gratitude is a gift we give ourselves in good times and in bad. 

We in the positive psychology field have learned how to fuze our research and teachings with our social media presence and ability to launch our message into mainstream life. 


Some have capitalized on the ‘happiology’ and positivity like pop stars. I’ve even had an online conversation with a person who uses the pp key terms to sell his brand of sneakers. Oh, sorry. Footwear ‘experience’. But, really, is that so awful? The therapeutic benefits of understanding our character strengths, our neurological ability to create happiness where there is none or our love of the good things in life are what makes life meaningful. 

If it took selling our sense of belonging to the social presence, but also disseminate our core values in creating an abundance of empirically validated concepts, then I say, bring on the mass media branding and positive footwear! 

If we’re getting the message of a healthy, happy life  into the world, we’re doing our jobs. We’ve created a specialized niche that does in fact, create a contribution to the health and well-being of the world. One that reaches our global community.


Our penchant for alliteration is no less extraordinary. Yes. Miraculous even. While social media and educational gatherings sit in a space of creation, we welcome a new era of  using what we’re finding to bring us back to center. Our poetry and art are words that dance across our canvas, creating the masterpiece that is a more meaningful, lovely, profoundly positive life. 

We took a bit of a curve in our enthusiasm to study all the positive sides. That left a bit of a rift within the walls of the house that positive psychology built. Its profit margins are booming, yet, we have dropped the ball on reaching all populations and peoples. 

This journal journey is our gift to you, citizens of the world. In this series, I hope to bring you how every day humans can celebrate, discover, utilize and dance with our balanced life skills. We can become stuck in our way of thinking. I know I have from time to time. We want and need to come back to center. 


We are all one, and yet, we are all unique in a magical time of being. We are the most advanced, and yet, over stressed society our world has ever known. Our sense of meaning has over calibrated itself. And yet, we have hope. Our society has a virus. Fear, negativity and meanness  are being fueled by what’s in front of us. 

Grit, grace and gratitude will be a blog about the art of living a balanced,  meaningful life in hopes of offering love as a solution.

Karen Henry

About the Author: Karen Henry is a former university professor and now author of Indelible Women: The OM [Original Me]. She owns Henry Healing and Ink, Honey Press, a boutique Indie publishing house. Karen’s been a positive psychology practitioner since 2007.



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