Before we can do anything else, we have to find our center. We have to create a common core that doesn’t complicate our lives, but instead, sets us up for a balanced, healthy, happy life.


No. Not if we’re free to choose. When we have a core understanding that is clear to us, it doesn’t matter if it’s clear to anyone else. This is the path we all want to be on. It’s not the path we all have the courage to be on.

  • We let the muck of other people’s business clutter up our own.
  • We allow the voice of others into our center space, that little place in our heart-head connection.
  • We permit others to decide our path while they go on happily to pursue their own.

When we align our inner strengths with our external knowledge, we are strengthening more than just our resolve to succeed. We are creating the worldview we were meant to live. We are shifting our stars so that we can follow our own dreams. We become in sync with our purpose. We become better at everything we do.

Oprah said, “Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do”

Too many of us feel compelled, and in some cases, have no choice but to stay put in the “need” phase of life. I am certainly no exception to this rule, as is often times the truth lived for millions of people around the world. When I became a single parent (twice), I had to do what was necessary for the provision and protection of my small family. I used to resent what I had to do. I hated the way I was treated by the consumers in my earlier career. I was paralyzed by fear of failure. So many of us are.

We live in a time of remarkable wonders of creating almost anything we can imagine. Not everyone creates from a place of original thought, and that’s totally fine. But those of us who live in a free world, With free people, and free flowing thoughts, have this rare and precious ability to problem solve beyond the four corners of our predictability box or safety caves.

The people that we admire? We pay millions (billions) of dollars to hear them speak. They thrive beyond measure because they never, ever ask us what we think of their billion dollar ideas prior to launching them into the stratosphere. They are intuitively listening to their own voice of reason. They are guided by passion for what they want their lives to be. They are their own inner critic and their own best champion. This is emotional core strength.

Potential resonates deep within the center of each and every one of us. To live the dream is to become familiar with the core of who we are and who we know we are supposed to be. All great epic tales of clarity begin with listening to that whisper.



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