A little tranquility instead?

We often talk about happiness. We dream of that day when everything’s off the table and we can just… breath. We take or give classes in how to relax. But when we’re engaged in that search for the ultimate feeling of happiness, would we be okay with a little tranquility instead?

I haven’t actually thought about that word or that emotion in a very long time. I haven’t actually FELT that emotion but in pockets over the course of my lifetime. I rarely feel, “tranquil”. I do not “tranquilize” with any substance ever. Too many people do. I do not create artificial spaces in my life in order to force myself into tranquility. That would seem to me, like cheating myself into something beyond happiness.

And then…

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” ~ Viktor Frankl
Are we studying tranquility in positive psychology? That culmination of calmness, peace, contentment, satisfaction, a self-love evolved into something that transcends happiness toward a deeper, more meaningful expression of our humanity.
The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.” ~ James Allen

To be tranquil is to feel a relaxed satisfaction with our lives. Everyone’s calling it “mindfulness”. Everyone’s calling it “meaning”. And that’s almost all of it to most, but not all.

To me, tranquility is the emotion felt when we’ve achieved all of the above.

Are we mindful? Are we meditating? Are we zeroing in on our peace or our stress levels?

Top down, or bottom up?

I believe Maslow’s hierarchy challenged us to reach for it, but it’s up there. It’s beyond possessions, or belonging. What if, we argue that we can also reach tranquility as a balance to the more base emotions while working toward Maslow’s top tier?
What comes first? A feeling of tranquility and peace and then enlightenment OR the bottom up approach to achieving the ultimate goal of happiness by placing the stones of tranquility and peace on our path first?

I contend that finding our core tranquility provides strength to pursue more cerebral endeavors.

For those of us who want to live a happier life, perhaps  instead of searching for happiness we should turn inward for tranquility.
Life is simple. Feel tranquility. Be at peace. Stay centered in our own soul-space. Like ourselves first. Live in the moment. Celebrate self. Love others as we’d have love for ourselves.

The struggle comes in fighting this with all the doubts, insecurities and outside forces. We don’t have to travel the world to know how to listen to our own thoughts. We don’t have to hang degrees on our wall or stand at the podiums of someone else’s approval rating.

Our challenge is to walk in the fluidity of our own reality.

Quiet the mind, live in the moment of tranquility. It seems like a great goal to me.

About the author: Karen E.M. Henry is a transitions life coach, writer and speaker. She specializes in working with people who want to create positive changes and savor who they want to be. Her full bio can be found at:  wings13326.wix.com/wings13326#!about-karen-e-m-henry-ma/c11k

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