Where are we going?

Clarity is lucid. There is no greater self-indulgence than that of those who believe that they are the only ones who know a subject. There is no greater life lesson lost than that from those who argue they are the only experts. We’ve read vast quantities of science based knowledge that argues with itself. The subjects vary, but the idioms of context are basically the same. We’re all searching for the meaning in life. We’re all trying to understand why we’re here, what is our purpose, where are we going.

The more we indulge in the ego, living under the solid foundation of what we’ve been taught, or where we’d like to see our awards and plaques hanging proudly for the world to admire, the less we see the lucidity in our logic.

The answers secretly sit

We don’t see that in the quiet recesses of our mind, silenced by being a part of the world. The answers secretly sit, patient for us to figure it all out. What that means to you will be different from what it means to me. We’re all chasing the same answers from different perspectives of our own reality. Of course, we carefully weigh, measure, chase and in some cases, pray. What we hear upon reflection however, will be our own voices whispering with the strength from which we already see the world around us. We can only, at best, speculate. All interpretation is open for speculation.

Where we can hear the voice of reason

We can’t possibly know what each other knows to full capacity. Sure, some scientists come close to knowing averages. We mean to find means, while others put them on meme’s and sell them as their own. There are researchers who arrogantly boast to be the most formidable, while others tend a garden, simply knowing, without pride or prejudice, delighting in watching the war of words.

It’s in our quiet lucidity that we hear the voice of reason. It’s in that quiet space between the thunder of information that we are inundated with lies the reality that life itself is only and exactly what we believe it to be.

So what? Celebrate it. Respect it. Swim in the lucid moments of your own reality. Realize that no matter what, we can only persuade to the extent that another’s’ lucid moment is open to a ripple in their reality.

Passing the test of happiness

The true test of a contented life (happiness?) is knowing that knowing may have to be enough. It may be the only thing we have. We may not be able to change to the extent that we wish to. Then again, we may be able to create change far beyond what we believe ourselves capable of. We may not need to change nearly as much as we think we should. And, we may never have to change anything at all, except for the conscious shift in our own perspective of the world.

Take advantage of exercising the muscle by lucid thoughts or swim in them, own them and cherish your own perspective since it’s the only one you’ve got. No matter what. Don’t worry about someone else’s perspective. It’s only a shimmer unless you adopt it as your own paradigm.

About the author: Karen E.M. Henry is a transitions life coach, writer and speaker. She specializes in working with people who want to create positive changes and savor who they want to be. Her full bio can be found at:  wings13326.wix.com/wings13326#!about-karen-e-m-henry-ma/c11k

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