Clarity is … listening
Have you ever heard what isn’t being said? Have you ever listened to the non-verbal communication while in a conversation? Have you ever never heard back from someone, only to spend long periods of time wondering why they never responded?

Clarity [for our own peace of mind] is to be able to listen to what’s not being said as much as what is being said.

Listening skills are important. We’ve been given this gift of technology, but as quickly as it advances, the human ability to stay focused on active conversation has diminished. We are unlearning how to learn. We are slipping down a slippery slope of awareness. We go to events, but pay more attention to our phones. We are shunning each other, perhaps without even knowing it.

Learn to listen

We are unlearning how to problem solve, or have difficult conversations with each other. It’s easier to just say nothing. To slip into our smart phones or tablets. To turn off other humans by turning on our technology. We are able to more easily dismiss other people by simply stop listening. We want everything said in 140 characters or nothing at all. Our attention spans grow shorter with each new blazing trail app.

We aren’t listening to each other anymore. We are dehumanizing humanity due to the sheer volume of pleas. We stand in lines, order our wares online, and plug in to tune out. We are over-stressing ourselves, only to download an app to help us manage our stress. This is detachment.

Part of the glorious experience of being human is to also face the difficult part of life. We are quick to say whatever we want on social media, but we hesitate to actually interact with anyone face to face. This is a lost art. This is a tragedy in our ever growing world. People are singing to the choir, but they aren’t hearing the voice of reason, or their inner thoughts. The way to hear our inner thoughts in relation to how we are perceived by the rest of the world is to listen.

Reattach to each other

We are forgetting to listen. We either over challenge ourselves or we don’t challenge our thoughts nearly enough. I tend to over-think. It’s a limitation. I tend to over-listen. I hear the micro-expressions that aren’t being said. I hear the tone of voice, notice the body language watch the eye contact. There are times, I wish I didn’t notice as many things as I do.

We accept what we hear, but we don’t always listen to each other. To be free in our peace, love of life, happiness and clarity, we have to relearn how to listen. We have to engage in the art of active listening by slowing down, by paying attention.

When we find clarity, we no longer feel the need to disconnect. And, we no longer fear the discomfort of conversations. Clarity is actively listening to others and to our own thoughts. That is where the sweet spot of peace resides.

About the Author: Karen Henry Daly is a positive psychology practitioner, blogger, author and speaker. She is a coach/consultant who writes both fiction and non-fiction about loving one’s best life, thriving, recovery and post traumatic thriving. Box 586 “Creating the life we want to live.”



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