Michael J. Fox said, “If the child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

Education through inspiration, not intimidation.

Education through sparking a curiosity in the seeker of knowledge, not blowing out the flame of understanding in order to prove that our candle burns brighter. The successful educator never blows out a flame, they change the course of the wind so that the student can learn from the pattern of the flame.

When I hear of teachers that so rigorously challenge a student that the student bleeds (metaphorically, and hope to God never literally), that educator is proving something to herself, not the student. We certainly have to push toward the boundaries so that they can feel what those boundaries are. We certainly have to take risks, and sometimes, uneasily sit back to watch them grow into their new knowledge, which means in the literal sense, patience is in fact a virtue of a great educator.

When we are comfortable in our own knowledge base, we are comfortable in sharing that knowledge. What makes us stronger? Having the confidence in our own abilities to be open to adaptability, rather than rigorous testing. We have to try chipping away at what they know so that the edges are malleable. We then, reshape the landscape of understanding so that they can see a new horizon.

This takes a great deal of clarity.

This education business is not about the business end. It’s not about profit (pro or con). At least, it shouldn’t be. To be educated is a luxury we can’t afford to desensitize ourselves from the required inquisitiveness or curiosity. We want to inspire our students to want to know more. We want our students to live the experience of learning to unlock their own doors of knowledge.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ~ Aristotle

We are given the sometimes difficult task of introducing what we have learned to the individuals who have yet to see that view of the path of life. We are charged with passing along that knowledge, not control the light from which they see. We are not creating awareness through fear.

So too is our educational system. Or so it should be. Becoming a teacher is not about being the brightest in the room. It’s about having a passion for something. It is about confidently passing our own torch off to someone else so that they too can see more clearly. It’s about not always liking our job as much as our purpose. It’s about questioning the system as a whole without fearing it.

It is clear that there is a gift in our world. It’s an education. Educator and student, learn how to dance with the knowledge in unison. Find the rhythm of the pace together. That is how new paths of knowledge are created more clearly.

About the author: Karen E.M. Henry is a transitions life coach, writer and speaker. She specializes in working with people who want to create positive changes and savor who they want to be. Her full bio can be found at:  wings13326.wix.com/wings13326#!about-karen-e-m-henry-ma/c11k


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