Clarity is … character

I’m reading Rob Lowe’s new book, Love Life and I’m inspired. I’m also reminded that all professions have a certain level of accountability that we have to adhere to. Treating people with kindness and respect is one of those across the board traits that in my mind’s eye, should be a given.

I’m always taken back by people who fly up to about mid-point and act as if all the backs that bent over for them to use as a stepping stone, no longer matter. I’m always sort of put out by the “influencers” who treat others as if they’re doing them a favor by asking them to help promote the up and coming’s work, only to then, act as if they can’t be bothered with that person later on down the line.

Good things come to those who remember to send the elevator back down.

And to forget that our jobs are not cause for arrogance, conceit, or an inflated sense of who we are in relation to others is to misaligns our virtues with our humanity.

I always thought that Rob Lowe was a handsome guy. You’d have to be a turnip not to think that he has handsome features. He does. Did I pay attention to his career (we’re about the same age, so it would be a longitudinal focus)? Not really. Not until this past year. I thought he was good in Californification, as he just went for it. I liked him well enough in that television show with Sally Field that I never could get into, so skipped all but a few episodes. And I didn’t appreciate Parks and Recreation until it was too late. I binge watched the entire seven seasons over this past winter, became a super fan and now, follow more intently for the brilliant show that it was.

But it’s in Rob’s book that I was reminded about my own career as a writer. It’s been a tough winter for several personal reasons, but no professional one’s. For a time there, I was blending them all together in my head, making hardship out of vapor. Reality checks come in all shapes and sizes.

Instead of reflecting further on how I got out of my own way in a professional capacity, I’m going to simply quote him….. if you get it…. you get it. If you don’t…. well, you’ll find your own path.

“I don’t confuse who I play with who I am. The minute you start making calculations about what people will think of you as a person based on your work as an actor, you’re on the road to becoming a bad one. It is the death of diversity, range and surprise – all of the things I value in someone’s body of work. If you are worried about people think of you, you should go into politics. Real actors take chances.” ~ Love Life (page 36).

About the Author: Karen E.M. Henry is a transitions life coach, writer and speaker. She specializes in working with people who want to create positive changes and savor who they want to be. Her full bio can be found at:!about-karen-e-m-henry-ma/c11k

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