Highlights from the Simply Laughter Online Summit

Yay! It’s 2018 and it’s going to be a wonderfully positive year!

I am excited to announce that I have gathered over 30 Laughter Experts together and created an online summit that anyone can access, just as long as they have a stable Internet connection.

The main reason I wanted to take on this huge task was because I know how much Laughter has already done for me and for those I have had the privilege to share it with. I wanted to explore the positive impact of Laughter, further. The joys of technology have made this possible.

With topics ranging from Laughter in schools and hospitals, Aqualaughter, Laughnosis, dealing with phobias, Laughter rehabilitation in jails and even working with intimate relationships, I have been blown away by the stories I have heard over the past month. I have been video recording them all and I would like to share the highlights with you.

Laughter in jails

One story that really touched me was from Luis Gomez, from Mexico, who has worked in jails for more than 6 years. He describes the amazing breakthroughs he has had with inmates and his documentary on it is called “I’m Free”. He shows how a select group of men were able to transform over just a 22-day program. He vividly describes how working with Laughter not only broke down boundaries but gave the men a chance to let down their guard and actually get on with each other. This is testament to how Laughter connects all of us and can help to create a calm and safe environment. Within the group of inmates he worked with, were gang members arrested for very serious crimes who went on to do time in solitary. These were not petty arrests and these were dangerous men. The men’s handwriting was analyzed and a face reading was done – both before and after Gomez’ Laughter program. The difference in the results was astonishing.

Gomez describes how being locked up and losing their freedom took a toll not only on the offenders but also on their families. He tells the heartwarming story of a sense of building hope and of helping these men to feel a connection they had never felt before. One inmate went on to be released for good behavior after the program – something nobody ever thought would be possible for this particular individual.

What have we learned? Where does it all begin?


The way our kids are taught to deal with life from a young age, will be the difference between their choosing the right or wrong path.

Happiness Project in schools

Another expert speaker I interviewed was Jules Mitchell, known as the MAD Professor who has an amazing Happiness Project she integrates into schools. She explains how it is so important for us to show young children how to properly process emotions from a young age. We can encourage them to cope better with Life’s stresses and strains when they are older, by getting in early.

She trains teachers so they can make it a culture in schools and make sure it flows into all that they do. One tool she uses to energize the students is called Magic Minutes, perfect for when kids may not feel like doing something or to help them concentrate when they lose focus.

Jules also goes on to talk about the importance of getting our young ones to use self-esteem building exercises like the ‘Healthy Selfie’. As we all know, The Selfie has flooded our social media feeds and tweens and teens sometimes feel very negative about themselves if they don’t get enough ‘likes’. Jules introduces a healthy and positive alternative to The Selfie. It’s a little exercise that gets you in touch with your body, gets the blood flowing and reminds you to love yourself.

A “Healthy Selfie”

Best used when you’re feeling a little down.

Put your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder. Give both shoulders a jolly good squeeze – there’s nothing better than those happy endorphins being released! Take it one step further and stroke your arms up and down and repeat. What fun and of course you do Laugh while you are doing this!

Jules has also reached out to expectant Mum’s through her Happy Mums Clubs. The Clubs are designed to help mothers suffering from bouts of depression. A happy, calm Mum = a happy, calm baby. Sometimes an unduly stressful pregnancy creates young children mirroring Mum’s feelings of distress as they grow. Jules wants to make sure she covers all areas that involve kids and families to ensure a happier, more positive culture.

I would love you to stop in and watch my summit to see more from Luis Gomez and Jules Mitchell. Many more fascinating stories and brilliant speakers are included! It is from 19 – 23 January 2018 and you can sign-up now for it, to get free access for a day by clicking on this link: http://simplylaughteronlinesummit.com/

About the author: To find out more about Jo-Dee Walmsley, please click here.


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