Adam Gibson is a flow researcher and positive psychology teacher based in London, UK. With a love of optimal experience, he seeks to turn more and more of everyday life into a flow experience, fostering the state in others where possible. Having undertaken the MAPP course featured at Buckinghamshire New University,

Adam is now trying to instil some of his passion into the next generation of undergraduates through his lectures and workshops at the University of Roehampton in South-West London. Adam’s research primarily focuses on flow theory and the advances within it, but intertwines with that of character strengths and the use of these strengths within our flow experiences.

A key interest is exploring the varying complexities and contexts within which flow can emerge. He has also recently seen the close of an 18-month project evaluating the potential impact of mindfulness-based therapy for stress reduction and pain coping, with promising findings indicated. Adam has recently been described as a highly conscientious positive psychologist with a natural strength for applied research.