I’m really excited to share some information about a fabulous new Masters’s degree course that starts this September at Buckinghamshire New University. Headed by my friend and colleague Lee Newitt, this will be the first ever MA in Spirituality, Ecology & Mental Health.

This unique course aims to redefine your connection with Yourself, your Life, the World, and the Sacred. It will guide you through a personal journey to uncover your own spirituality while fostering a research-based, spiritually attuned approach to achieving wellness and a balanced life.

The course will be of interest to anyone interested in personal and professional development or to quote a good friend of mine, ‘anyone with a pulse!’. It’s an opportunity to make positive change and foster transformations at both an individual level and far wider horizons.

The course welcomes individuals from various backgrounds, not just academic. The unique experiences and viewpoints that each participant brings will contribute to the richness of the discussions, and exploration of the topics of spirituality, ecology, and mental health.

Whether you are interested or involved in healthcare, education, counselling, ecological sustainability, economics, business, civil rights, social justice, community work, training, coaching, journalism, policing, human resources, arts, or legal work; whether you’re a parent, engaged in politics, retired, unemployed, considering a career shift, or just embarking on your own life journey – this trailblazing course holds relevance for you.

The course begins this September and is accessible from anywhere in the world. Find full details and enrolment information HERE and please share this post.





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