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How much of our lives do we live on the surface? Presenting only a fraction of who we really are to the world outside and those we meet?

When we become busy and feel the pressures of the world, we commonly experience the emotions of anxiety, fear, and frustration and our attention span becomes constricted and more confined. So, we then live only on the surface, aware of a small fraction of who we really are forge superficial relationships. However, this automatic tendency to operate superficially when under pressure is not the end of our story – merely its beginning. For though we may become superficial, there is ever a reminder of our wholeness – that is if we care to remember.

Let’s pause for a moment and if you are willing let me invite you to consider several questions:

What do you long for in your life at the moment?

For what do you most wish?

What would fulfill you?

These are ‘big questions’ – so take whatever time you may need to explore.

Longing is a vital memory of wholeness.

For when we align with our longing we remember and recall an innate source of power that will ever inspire and inform your development and growth towards wholeness and a growing sense of fulfillment.

This memory reminds you that despite our temptation to live life superficially, there is something within to which we can continually orientate and align that will guide you towards that for which you most wish and long. And so this returning to source may shape you and help you to become the human being that you were born to be.

What we can discover within, is a vital compass and source of innate directionality which, whenever we return, invites us to re-orientate through remembering and recalling that for which we long.

Takes some moments now, if you are willing, to reflect once again on our earlier questions:

For what do you most wish and long?

Imagine you had what you long for, what would this give you?

How different would your life then be?

Again, take what time you may need to consider these important questions and your response.

Note how this inner source of potential guidance, when remembered will continually re-align you with your developmental potential – helping you to define your vital coordinates and so inform your next step or steps and your way forward.

What insight this offers is that deep within lies a vital blueprint to your wholeness, potentially containing/informing every detail of your developmental journey – a life plan – that resides within and that we are invited discover and activate in order to develop, by remembering, recognising and responding to this innate source of guidance. We might imagine a folded plan existing somewhere within, at our core, that we can continually study and read and that will account for and motivate our developmental unfolding. Such an inner compass may ever direct the choices we make and take.

One clue to recognising this inner compass – is that you will likely feel a new vitality. For you remember what is vital to your life and work. This will in turn energise and motivate your next step or steps.

Let’s pause once again if you are willing, to consider a few further questions:

What is vital in your life and work right now?

To what are you drawn and feel somehow called?

Again, take what time you need to fully respond.

And one final question, if you followed this calling – what would you discover?

Despite our temptation, through the pressures of everyday life and work, to revert to living life superficially. We are, when we return to this inner source, continually reminded of our depth, and that which is vital to our development revealing our aspirations towards wholeness. Though we may stray and forget, this source, a memory will forever remain and at times call us back. Enabling us to reorientate to that which is deeply important and beyond any superficiality.

To remember and re-orientate with this inner source of guidance requires that we take time, once again to stop and reflect. I am reminded of the chosen photograph that marries with these particular words. It was a silent night, the Aurora Borealis was providing a remarkable show. And in witnessing this display, I was feeling a great sense of awe and wonderment. The perfect reflection of the lights on the surface of the sea caught my attention and I was left wondering what lies beneath the waves. And what may be longing to emerge from the depths?  Such colourful apparel and display can sometimes deflect and disguise what may be hiding beneath longing for our attention, wishing to find expression and inclusion in order to inform and shape our lives.

May you recognise when you are living life superficially and remember that there is ever a compass and guidance within to which you can return.

May you continually choose to re-orientate allowing that for which you long to inform your life.

May you feel the vitality of a life fully lived and realise the value of wholesome living and what it means to cultivate in-depth relationships.

A brief footnote

If you find yourself interested by the concept of the inner compass – I have compiled a set of videos on the Positive Psychology Website which examines in much more detail the essential instruments of relationship that are vital to the work of the practitioner and coach. There, as well as the inner compass, you can explore the inner wand, the mirror, and the spirit level.

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