A Guiding Hand episode

Our lives may often feel problematic because we are largely engaged in getting to the answer. The self to which we most commonly revert, especially when under pressure, is an avid problem solver. Rapidly seeking to judge right from wrong, this is black and that is white. But do we want to see a world in monochrome? Are we not much more interested in the shades and colours of life? And if you are predominantly a problem solver, will you spend most of your time seeking problems – and then maybe wonder why our lives feel so problematic?

What if, that which we most seek – cannot be found?
What if, our seeking is the problem, and the answer is therefore – not to seek further – for what we most wish?

Does the continual problem solving bring you what you most wish?
Despite our temptation to problem solve – what do you most wish for?

The temptation to incessantly judge – creates anxiety and tension – for we divide reality – and therefore miss the chance to see the whole picture. Imagine if you were able to stop your need to judge and analyse – what would you discover?
And, is this what you most seek?

I know myself, that what I wish to find is a place where I can simply be at peace – free from anxiety and fear. Learning how to achieve this is a lifelong opportunity – note that it may await our discovery just beyond our temptation to judge. For when all judgment has ended – we do not see the world as problematic – more in its wholeness – peaceful, appreciative, and interrelated – less conditional and more unconditional.

In the image, the little boat has found its sanctuary away from the open waters and the unknown temper of the sea. And the Lights appear to bless and affirm the value in resting and resisting the temptation to travel and seek.

How topsy-turvey and paradoxical our lives maybe – we may spend our life searching for the answer, when the answer we seek is found only when we have learned how to end our need to search further.

May we practice ending our need to incessantly judge and therein discover that for which we have sought. And may the end of judgment reveal the beginning of a more peaceful and appreciative existence.

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