A Guiding Hand episode

We all wish to be wise and place enormous value on those around us who show wisdom. But what is wisdom? And are we able to find it? Without doubt, most of us may spend our lives searching.

The photograph of the Aurora Borealis shows a vast Northern Lights show that illuminates the whole sky, belittling the shoreline and ocean and the small and single boat house beneath.

Not unlike this display, wisdom may be a source of knowledge that comes from an appreciation and understanding of the whole – and so rather than being individualistic in nature it can speak to the masses – the collective.

Most commonly our thinking is rational, and rationality does not see existence as it is, for it is far too busy wanting to process what we see and experience. Evaluating reality and judging this to be right and that to be wrong. So rather than seeing what is, we divide existence and see it only in partiality – more intent on judging right from wrong. Such rationality affirms our rightness as individuals and in essence, separates us from the whole and those with whom we wish to interact and wish to relate. If only we could suspend our judgment, we might see reality as is, less as we think. Such a reality in comparison to the partiality of rationality is a knowledge of the whole, which may once again speak more to the collective than any one individual.

If so, to access wisdom does not involve a search – more a suspending of our compulsion to judge and a willingness to embrace more fully both sides of any argument. Then our minds may be open to receive the wisdom that we so desperate seek and long to find.

Consider where you recently have judged someone – recall what you thought was right and wrong. And imagine instead that you resisted judging and were more able to just listen to what they were sharing:
Consider what more, might have you discovered.
What would you have learned about this person?
And what would the wisest part of you have learned?

May our temptation to rapidly judge be resisted so that we can come to know and understand others more fully. And may our rationality subside in order that we can open our minds to receive wisdom.


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