A Guiding Hand episode

A key theme that may be emerging is How often do we take time to rest in our daily working lives?
Do our homes have sanctuary spaces – where we can ‘put up our feet‘– reflect, contemplate, and restore?

The little red boat in the associated image has found its own bay, where it can stay for a while protected from the open seas. Note how when the boat has found its safe haven, the Aurora Borealis is beginning to appear from behind the clouds.

How important is resting to you?
Do you need to consider how you restore right now?
Reflect on these questions for yourself, mindful of your daily life and work.

We are often intent on supporting and looking after and giving to others, are you equally caring for yourself?

Often our lives progress at speed and it is not uncommon to describe the experience as one of exceptional busyness. We make lists of things to do, which always have one thing more to add.
Incessant doing can become compulsive. And we must then consider the consequences of doing things without reflection.
What are the consequences?

Firstly, there is no space in your life and work.
And secondly, there is no space to reflect upon what we are doing. Without reflection, there can be no choice. And no chance or opportunity to select what you wish to do.

In marked contrast, more conscious doing invites into existence a vital being. In other words, to choose what we do necessitates reflection. Firstly, we are invited to learn how to stop…… to reflect, so we can bring both space and pace to your daily working life.

Take time today to be more conscious about what you choose to do – which means, that before doing anything, take the time to stop and reflect. Such vital slowing permits you to remember and recall what is most important that requires your full attention right now.

If you are willing, take time right here and now to pause and stop …. and to consciously consider your most important goal – what is your most important goal right now?
Notice the value of reflection – reflection permits the chance for selection.

Imagine completing this goal – what would this give you?
What is the personal value invested in completing this goal for you?

To move forward with your vital goal – that is ‘to quicken’ – you are first invited to slow – enabling you to choose in line with your values.
Consider the importance of and how you may enable others who may be tired, overloaded, and weighed down by life and work. And how you might help bring a vitality back to their existence. As well as being clear of your chosen goal – see if today you can enable at least one other person to be clear of theirs.

May you ever practice slowing before you quicken so that your progress is essentially chosen and not imposed.
May such a practice bring a pace to your life and work and may you continually remain healthy and able to rest, reflect and restore.
May the importance of having choice also be gifted to others….

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