A Guiding Hand episode

One of our themes through a ‘Guiding Hand’ is how much we can learn about human nature from Nature herself. And not unlike Nature, we may too experience ‘seasons of self’’. Consider the times when it feels like you are experiencing your own Winter when you feel dormant – unable to move forward and or to make an important decision. Here, not unlike the ice and snow, we experience being frozen and the very antithesis of being able to flow and move freely forward.

In our busy lives, we can forget that Winter is but Spring resting – and that we too are invited to take time to rest and restore. Hibernation has its own value, to hide away for a while in your own nest and sanctuary, may permit you to revive and harness your resourcefulness. If we are to give to others, we must consider what we need to give ourselves and recognise the need and chance to restore.

At these times it’s vital to remember that Winter is but Spring in waiting. For even when we are feeling lost and stuck, if you look deeper inside you will remember and recall vital longing. The manifestation of this longing is what will bring you joy. And if you give attention to that for which you long, you will recall that which is vital to you. And that which is vital is the energy that will move you forward and remind you of the choice you wish to make. How paradoxical that Winter with its frozen surface can guide us to remember that which accounts for our flow, beneath?

Even though Winter may represent a period of dormancy and sleep, you can always remember that the season of Spring marks that within you which longs to awaken – to take form – to be informed – and to come into your life and work.

If you are willing, take some time over the day, to reflect upon that for which you most long.
What in life, calls you forward?
What, if you permitted would bring you greatest joy?
What is vital and essential to your moving forward?

The realisation of an innate source of guidance and directionality reminds you that always you have an inner compass that will keep you true to your own way ahead. Not anyone else’s way – your own way forward.

To find your way, to awaken from our Winter-times, involves a remembering …. a recalling of the memory of that which is vital to you. As we contemplate such inner guidance, we can sometimes become much clearer of our reason for being – that is to understand why you are here and what is vital to your life and what essentially you bring to life. Again, if you are willing take time today, to contemplate:

What would I most love to bring to life?
Which, if I permitted, would bring me joy, even a sense of fulfillment?
That would account for my yet unlived life.

Often when we are in trouble we turn to others for help. And the most valuable of those special others to whom you may turn are those that create the space and opportunity for you to remember, re-orientate and align your inner compass.

Only you know the way forward, so it may not be wise to look to others to tell you what to do – for each one of us has our own originality as our beacon – the wise will guide you back to remember and recall that innerspring within – that is ever longing to flow – to awaken, inform and direct your life. And therein, with a little patience – which is what Winter teaches – you will be able to reset your vital coordinates and take a further step along your way.

May you in the midst of Winter, remember that which longs to awaken, ensuring the memory and prospect of spring – and that which longs to flow and move you forward in your life and work…


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