It really isn’t that hard to be kind. Yet, I see people struggling to put a smile on their faces. I understand that everyone has struggles and sometimes they are experiencing grief, sadness, and a heaviness of weighted burden in their lives.

What I want to say here is for those people who seem to be happy to make other people miserable: stop doing that. And, instead of judging them or trying to change the unhappy people, I will continue to focus on myself and my methods for being happy and for spreading happiness to others.

Why be kind? For this simple reason: Being kind feels good

Oh, and for another reason: It’s super easy.

I like to think of my experiences when I travel because I see so many people. Traveling to and from all over the world. Either solo or within a group. On a business trip or on a family vacation.

What I’ve observed in my hundreds of trips I’ve taken through the years (domestic and international trips) is that when I approach everyone and every situation with a smile and with excitement, I get positive vibes and treatment in return. I’m not saying that I am kind in order to get something in return The positivity and, many times, extra special treatment comes my way…simply because I was kind. I am never looking for a payback. I automatically get a payback with kindness and a smile. And, when I get a bonus of a special upgrade, an extra ounce of coffee, or someone else offering to put my carry-on in the overhead compartment, that’s just another example of people paying back in kindness.

Another positive thought to ponder

Am I having a positive experience because I exude positivity or am I exuding positivity because I am having a positive experience?

I think the answer is “Yes” to both. You see, happiness begets happiness. A smile begets a smile.

Oh, and it also helps that I love to travel! I love the excitement and newness of going to a new location. And, even if it’s someone I’ve been before, It’s always a new experience for me…New people…new event…And, afterall, no two days are ever exactly the same.

I love to observe people. I love the chance to strike up a conversation with someone I love the chance to help someone else or make someone’s day—whether by giving them a smile or helping them with their carry-on, or playing peek-a-book with their crying baby.

There’s a feeling of excitement an newness I et when I am about to embark on a new experience, challenge, or speaking engagement. I am ex cited about my life and the opportunities for fun, adventure, and meeting new people.

I can’t hide my excitement for life

And, hey…life’s meant to be enjoyed, right?Why suffer?
(And, why make others around you suffer?)

When I focus on positivity and potential, feelings of gratitude, hopefulness, and prosperous potential fill my heart.

I choose kindness, gratitude, and joy.

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