The satisfaction of getting something done. I love the feeling of accomplishment—big or small.

I recently purchased large dry erase sheets that easily adhere to the wall. They make checking the to-do boxes even more fun. And, using bright, colourful dry erase markers adds a bit more beauty and fun!

Why shouldn’t getting stuff done be fun?

It’s easy to get caught up in the minutia of working endlessly until a project is completed. But, where is the fun? Are you allowing fun to seep into your day? Are you allowing fun to even seep into the mundane details, too?

I get such satisfaction out of seeing my walls filled with my colourful hand-writing and with projects I have chosen to do—writing projects, projects for clients, marketing projects, timelines for conferences and speaking engagements.

As I write this, I am thinking that this blog is about finding colour in the dull places. Creating colourful moments in the seemingly mundane activities.

Colourful opportunities

Instead of seeing my to-do list as a massive amount of daunting tasks, I see it as a list of fun and colourful opportunities!
Although I so enjoy seeing the colour on my walls, I also get such a feeling of gratification when I erase that items from the board, which indicates the project or task is completed. I keep the completed to-do item on my wall for a day or two so I can stand and revel in my accomplishment. And get that feeling of “Aaaaahhh…you did it!” And, a chance to pat myself on the back for a job well-done.

But, not for too long. As my tennis coach would tell me, “Julie, don’t admire your shot. Get ready for the next one.”

Ask yourself…

  • Can I find joy in mundane projects or tasks?
  • Do I allow myself to find joy in the little moments?
  • Will I allow myself to admire my accomplishments—if just for a brief moment—before moving onto my next project?

As Thich Nhat Hanh writes in his book, “Present Moment. Wonderful Moment”:
“When we settle into the present moment, we can see beauties and wonders right before our eyes—a new born baby, the sun rising in the sky. We can be very happy just by being aware of what is in front of us.”

And, so I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction for a moment knowing that more happiness, satisfaction, and gratification await me.

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