In the dawn of time, with the ebb and flow of the rhythm of life, the presence of change whispers.  This is the first stirrings of a new beginning.  This is the face of the New Year and regarding 2020, also a new decade.  The word NEW echoes through as one chapter close and another one opens.  The importance of a new year is the power it offers in a new beginning.

The Power of Goal Setting to Activate Change

A couple of years ago I felt like I was going around in a circle.  I was in a good place in life, I had lots of successful moments, but the sense of flow seemed static.  There was something missing, even though I had all these past successes.  When I explored further the reason I landed at this place, was due to completing all my dreams.  I had been so focused on them, that in their completion, I had forgotten to make new ones.  I stood there thinking: What do I want now?  I had become bored with my comfort zone, yet I didn’t really know what was next?  This was new for me, as I was the teenager who knew what she wanted when she left school.

So began to read everything I could on goal setting.  I invested in a goal setting diary, so I could get more clarity where I wanted to be.  The goals are broken down into material, financial, emotional, mind-set, home-based, relationship and spiritual goals.  The first year it was a slow process, but I still continue this goal setting practice and this practice includes the following

Crystal Clear Intentions:

When your intentions are really clear they are more manageable and measurable.  Unclear intentions will keep you at the start line of any goal.  I find using vision boards, and Journals helps me to process this step.

Decide to Commit:

This requires you to actually do the work to achieve the goal.  I find putting a deadline on my goals helps to give them some urgency to them.  It just ensures that the goal doesn’t always end up on the bottom of my ‘to do’ list or stay as a wish.


Visualisation helps your Subconscious Mind accept your goals.  The more you mentally rehearse the outcome of your goals, the more you can feel them.  The mind and body are interconnected and it is important that the thinking process is in unison with the feeling process.  This helps you to believe in you goals and helps generate motivation to attaining them.

Take Action:

You have to take each step necessary to achieving your goals.  They do not happen without some form of action.  Your goals need ‘motion’ in order to move forward.  This is how you get from where you are to where you want to be.


Some goals takes time.  Manifesting doesn’t necessarily happen immediately.  It depends on the size of the goal.  So patience is really important.  However the more you work on your goals, the more you believe and the momentum eventually speeds up.


Mind-Set in its simplest form is to align your beliefs with your intentions.  If you are dreaming of something and your underlying belief is it will never happen, you are using a counteraction.  You are in inner conflict and this breaks the alignment required to keep your goal active.  If you self-doubt you are actually making a statement you do not want it to happen.  So Mind-Set is key.


These steps helps towards achieving your goals – saying thank you to something that is not in your reality yet.  Gratitude keeps your goal setting humble, keeps your spirits up and increases your belief.

I wish you great success in preparing new goals for the New Year and a new decade.

About the author: Kelly Seaward completed her MSc Applied Positive Psychology course in 2018.  She advocates the teachings within this field of psychology in her own teaching.   She is also a qualified hypnotherapist, counsellor and psychotherapist. Her mission is to help teacher flourish


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