As we start a New Year, it is an opportune time to take stock of where The Positive Psychology People has come from, where it currently is, and most excitingly, what the future has in store for this website.

The past

On World Happiness Day 20th March 2015, and after many months of discussion, research and blood, sweat and tears, The Positive Psychology People website was launched. The intention for The Positive Psychology People website was to be THE resource for people interested in the stimulating science of, what Dr Christopher Peterson a pioneer in the field of positive psychology said, “what makes a life worth living”. The Team wanted the website to have information and resources, which would be of value to people new to positive psychology, those who have experience in the field and people who have a great deal of knowledge about positive psychology.

The present

We have a wonderful and dedicated team of contributors, who provide fantastic and thought-provoking blogs on an almost daily basis, a wonderful list of recommended research articles, a talented website designer to ensure the website looks and functions as well as it does and our hardworking administrators. Our thriving Facebook group ( has over 23,000 members from over 60 nations worldwide, where there is an enlightening sharing of knowledge and discussions.

We also have contributions from two universities running the Masters in Applied Positive Psychology course, namely, Buckinghamshire New University in the UK and Universidade de Lisboa in Portugal.

We are delighted to be able to offer a free copy of the first chapter of Caroline Adams Miller’s soon to be released book, Authentic Grit.

The future (is very bright!)

2016 will be the year for The Positive Psychology People to truly flourish. As researchers and practitioners continue to push the field of positive psychology in exciting new directions, then here at The Positive Psychology People, we will continue to evolve the website and provide even more great content for you, more content from the leaders in the field of positive psychology and having contributions from other universities, which run courses in positive psychology, and organisations.

We’re also looking to grow our membership base to 50,000 people who are passionate about positive psychology!

We are lining up more free giveaways for our subscribers, similar to Bryony Shaw’s “10 Ways To Improve Wellbeing” and the aforementioned first chapter of Authentic Grit. We have some great content from leaders in the field of positive psychology and those who are breaking new ground in both research and application and are looking to share a video clip that is very special and we know that you are going to live.

We would also like to hear from you about what additions you would like to see

We always welcome hearing from people who are interested in joining our talented and hardworking team and please contact us.

The Positive Psychology People Team would like to thank you for visiting our website and wish you a flourishing 2016!

‘We Are The Positive Psychology People’

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