Take a warrior pose for this blog about internal peace. 

On my journey from teaching positive psychology to my newly defined life as a pp holistic practitioner, nothing stood out as the foundation more than commanding my own internal peace.

The steps, pillars, paths … 100% an inside job. 

Happiness is great. Strengths are helpful. Thriving works, but it takes time and patience. The theories are a great base. Putting them into practice requires focus, discipline and tenacity. Grit, resilience and perseverance all add layers to the external amour. Humor, does in fact, save lives. It helped save mine. 

What I learned on a personal journey, far beyond my academic involvement? 

To truly become our optimal self, we must push every single other thing aside, while we concentrate on our internal peace. 


At the very core of all else, the saying, “quiet the mind and the soul will speak” lays the foundation.

When we peal away every extraneous thing, including the opinions of others and expectations of our societies, we have all we actually need. 

The soul-self. 

We are, at our very essence, our core thoughts and feelings. We unconsciously navigate our authentic self in relation to our external identity. To do so successfully, we must bring our unconscious to the conscious. We must center our foundation on the idea that peace is our core strength. 

Core Values

When I think about the millions of people who’ve experienced trauma, I think about all the research, theories, and practitioners out there who offer a ‘cure’ or solution or step-toward-healing program for trauma related experiences. It’s helpful to have the knowledge. It’s invaluable to have gone through it. 

Then, I think about Viktor Frankl and other theorists who developed their theory based on their experiences. I lean toward those who’ve been there and done ‘that’.

To feel a thing is so very different than to simply talk about it. I know this from experience. I know this as an existentialist. I know this from coming out of that quicksand a completely different person. 

To know you is to love you. 

That includes our pain. To embrace our pain is part of being a peace warrior.

In truth? Not a lot of people will embrace someone in emotional pain. It’s not a popular dis-ease to experience. It’s not trending. Humans are in fear of the invisible truth of working on one’s self. We fear what is too close to our most vulnerable thoughts. We feel naked if we don’t also have a full comfort level with out own sense of who we are. 

At the core of who we are, we must feel serenity before we can make decisions, think with clarity, or act on intuitive anything.

But when we do, when we know for sure, when we are fully comfortable in our own skin due to our internal peace, we are positively powerful. Then? We celebrate our lives. 

Peace and Love,

About the Author: Karen Henry [Daly], MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer.  “Wednesday is my Tuesday.” **I’ve become a foster mom to newborn kittens, I’ve been up for a month w/my first litter**. Next week? Altruism!



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