How deep is your love? Do you love yourself? How about your metaphorical neighbors? Your parents or family? The stranger on the bus, trying to make their way home? 

Humans are disconnecting from each other through our labels, categories, and fundamental belief systems. We are forgetting that neurologically, we are all connected.

Each of us is a reflection of where we focus, yet with social media, it’s become more evident that we are also in a psychological deficit.

“We live in a society that disconnects from generations” ~ Dr. Gabor Mate

Connection is … 


Our connection to the whole person experience of being alive is the only way for us to fully embrace the existential exploration of this time in our lives. Our meaningful experiences are fueled by neurological connection to all that we absorb. 

When we allow technology to do our critical thinking, we are giving up a piece of our humanity. Why then, are we so addicted to the technological life line that brings us all knowledge? 

Our connection to the world has become increasingly harder. In tandem with our younger generations, being disconnected from forming healthy long lasting human interactions, we are trading difficult emotional connection with technological connection.

Will this mean that our next generation won’t know how to cope with hard experiences? 

Can love be experienced as a balm to soothe our soul as we navigate the global stressors we’ve been under? 

Love is … 

What is love to the extent that we are focused on the way we experience it? Love is what motivates us to want to make the world a better place. Our emotional understanding is, the connection we make to life itself.

With the emotion of love, we feel good about feeling good. It is an emotional response to all things, be it our lover, our friend, our love of learning, our pets and our careers. 

We can love art, with a deep appreciation for both the intangible and the artist themselves. Why then, do we say that artists are ‘tortured souls’?

Is it because they pour their soul onto their work, for all the world to see?

The courage to be creative in a world disconnected from passion takes a great deal of love and vulnerability.

The Budha said, “Without the many there cannot be the one and without the one, there cannot be the many” 

Love, connection, curiosity, courage, vulnerability, passion, meaning, all entangled in this art of being human, allow us the clarity to live in a time when humans are determined to stand out, instead of standing in. 

When we care about others, we are showing ourselves that we care about our species. Without the connection to the plight of others, we are voluntarily losing our humanity, our compassion and our empathy. 

To express ourselves as unique individuals, fighting to be heard over the cacophony of noise, while wanting simply to be loved, is an act of rebellious sense of self. 

In peace with love,

Author: K. Aren Henry has a masters in community psychology and an advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling. The Light Life is part of her “happiness noir” series, copyright 2021 ©  She’s a private practitioner and researcher in the United States. Henry Healing dot com is her calling card. 



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