Sensitive humans are frequently told to ‘lighten up‘. Some experts say it’s a disorder. I say it’s a super power.  It’s exhausting to feel everything in a world filled with loud crowds.  It’s not easy to live a quiet life in our over-stimulated world, except maybe in the holistic healing industry, where we see gentleness as a strength.
Meditation, mindfulness and meaning are popular now, but are they enough?
There are people with a heightened sense of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I interpret this as a strong ability to tune in to nuanced body language, rather than an inability to be in this loud, over-the-top world. Our sixth sense is only now being explored in academic settings, yet spiritual communities have embraced this personality trait for a millennia.

Lighten up


How many times have sensitive children grown up to believe that a part of their core personality is ‘bad’ or, their ability to sense the nuances in others as wrong?  As children, we are told to sit down, be quiet, act our age and stop being so sensitive. We hear, “lighten up!” regularly.
Yet, that is precisely the time we are offered the chance to cultivate these unique powers of observation. It’s truly hard to be a quiet kid in a loud world.
We are told as young adults, to ‘lighten up’ in order to fit in with the highly competitive world of work. As we age, we begin to chip away at all the things others have told us we must become in order to be who we really are.
Too often, we fall out of alignment with who we are. Part of the lack of balance is living in a world where being sensitive is considered a character flaw.



It is up to the healers to welcome a new age of understanding how our core personality traits can create optimal living for our next generation.
Though I started these journal entries/blogs five years ago, I have attempted to synthesize them by touching upon several aspects of our being. ‘Clarity is’ to see through emotional blocks. ‘Noetic Nomad’, to write my way on the path toward thinking as a healing tool. ‘Grit, Grace and Gratitude’, as instruments of our conceptual ability to be both tough and also gentle.
The Light Life is more a way for us to be able to tap back into our own abilities to live an authentic life; or, to feel our way through the world.
Many people are walking around completely blinded by the light of their own ego.  The world is so full of constant cacophonous chatter and information that we are losing who we are out of fear of not belonging to the collective.
The sensitive people around us are learning to let go as a way to hear their own heart beating. They are taking the path less chosen for good reason. We all need to be who we were born to be, even if we lighten up a bit.  We must celebrate the quiet, sensitive abilities of those who can hear the nuances of culture.
In Peace and Light,


Author: Karen Henry has a masters degree  in community psychology and an advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling. She is the author of several books on healing.  She’s a private practitioner and researcher in the United States. Henry Healing is her calling card.


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