The Light Life is going to focus on the science of holistic healing for 2022. I am a firm believer in energy work. It is both scientifically backed and quantifiably verified. So why then, do so many people in the psychology industry, rebuke the effectiveness of the power of our ability to energetically heal?

Our cognitive ability to consciously manifest our lives is a cornerstone in CBT and ACT. The whole person approach to living our lives leaning toward the positive, involves an ability to believe in ourselves. To trust ourselves to recalibrate our internal pattern of thinking. It’s not magic. It’s alchemy. 

Light Life 

By focusing on our positive thoughts, actions and feelings in tandem with beliefs, we are able to cultivate a space of healing that allows us to engage in a more balanced, happier, healthier life. 

So why then, isn’t everyone living in this positive energy field of active love of life? One that would render the need for helping or healing professionals? 

We are thrown off by the energy of others in that, some of us are strongly influenced by the singular need to be in power. Others still are unsure of their own emotions so they rely on the emotional influence of others. And then, there are some who mimic the formula of success, so that they too, can become successful, regardless of their own influence on others.

Holistic Healing Speaks volumes

I’ve seen very successful people promote positivity, yet, when speaking to them, they come off as greedy, selfish, and rude. Their energy doesn’t lie, even if they are engaged in a high volume sales pitch of their positivity program.

We’ve all met someone who feels, ‘off’. That’s something that comes from our intuitive knowing about that person’s intentions. 

I stopped practicing Reiki when I knew that my trauma was interfering with my own sense of wellbeing and health. I didn’t want my dark energy (negative thinking) to get in the way of active listening or authentic intuitive healing of the client. When we listen to our core values and beliefs while also being sincere with our clients, we are working at our highest ethical standard of practice. 

It’s not easy to be honest with ourselves when we want to believe something to be true, but when we are not energetically aligned with our own truth, we are not going to be our very best self. 

Meditation is another form of holistic healing, but the scientific crowd doesn’t want to call it that when they are also doubling down with disagreeing with how energy work heals. The same can be said for our religious values. 

I’ve had people tell me that Reiki is sent from a dark force. Others have laughed at the religions of others, as if their belief system is a part of the energy healing process. 

In truth? 

Energy Healing is a tap into the raw internal truth of one’s thoughts, feelings and ability to be purely honest with oneself. It may in part, be part of a belief system. But so is quantum physics. Not everyone believes in the electrical impulses our brains create to keep our heart pumping either. And yet, the evidence proves all of these things to be valid and real. 

In light and the power of life altering discoveries.

k. Aren 

Author: K. Aren Henry has a masters in community psychology and an advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling. Her doctoral dissertation was in subjective wellbeing and organizational membership. The Light Life is part of her “happiness noir” series, copyright 2021 ©  She’s a private practitioner and researcher in the United States. Henry Healing dot com is her calling card. 



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