‘Glow up’ is a new term to me. To Glow up is to go through a major transformation in the best possible way. Physically. Rebel Wilson, according to my Google search, has gone through a major Glow up.

Neville, from Harry Potter, went through one of the most famous Glow up’s. Of course, they are talking about how physically attractive one can become with a bit of effort.

The physical appeal is one we can’t shake off. People judge us on our appearance, for better or worse.

Glow up to Grow up

This topic is complex. It’s all about perception and social acceptance. It’s also relating to a sense of mature happiness on a deeper level. A Eudomonic happiness disguised as a hedonistic glowing physical attractiveness. Those two distinct parts of ourselves are perhaps confusing for the selfie-generation.  If we are physically attractive:

  1. People take us more seriously.
  2. They believe we are more successful.
  3. There is an assumption that we are more able to accomplish our goals, or obtain more connections.

Look at the most successful people in the positive psychology field. They are all rather good looking. Not just because of the smiling. They are all smiling. Are they more attractive? For the most part, yes. At least, more “put together”.

Others want some of that glow, so they tend to flock to the smiling happy people. It’s not always an energy as much as it is the perceived image of happiness. And yet, when at rest, many of us are absolutely happy in our contented quiet.

We aren’t always smiling, but can the world see our inner joy if we’re lounging around in our resting grump face? Our authentic maturity is fully accepting who we are, as we are. Everything else follows.

Perception vs. Genuine You

When someone genuinely wants to change for the better, their outward appearance naturally glows with an internal sense of peace. They can  illuminate from the light of their internal happiness which only happens when we are fully and absolutely, incandescently happy with who we are.

We can ‘fake it ’till we make it’ as suggested by pop culture and research; but in truth, until the inside matches the outside, the glimmer we put on for social acceptance can only last so long. Some of us mastered the art of appearing very happy while others have quietly created a contented life … and that was enough.

A quote from someone in the pop culture corner said,

“How to glow up in four easy steps: Find Yourself ~ Love Yourself ~ Accept Yourself and Be Yourself” 

It’s not really about the outside. That’s the bonus on falling deeply, madly and incandescently in love with your soul self. It’s being who you are, as you are. You shine when you combine the love of self with the love of your connection with the outside world. Not based on what others want from you, but based fully and only what you want from yourself. That is the light life in a bottle.

In Peace and Light,


Author: Karen Henry has a masters degree  in community psychology and an advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling. She is the author of several books on healing.  She’s a private practitioner and researcher in the United States. Henry Healing is her calling card.


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