To Flow up is to glow up. I love pop culture references in synergy with the positive psychology terminology. When we glow up, we are reinventing ourselves in the best of ways. I’ve decided to reinvent the reinvention and call my own journey a ‘flow up’.

To engage with flow, as defined by our field while crafting my third act in life with the balance between what is traditional and what is new, is to glow up. Post traumatic growth offers us power. It takes time to get used to this feeling when we have never felt it before.

What is light while also dark and to age with grace, while embracing the audacity to be happy with our imperfections, rather than trying to correct them ~ is flowing with the natural aging process.

Glow Up

When we live in a post traumatic growth, we find our voice and when we learn to advocate for our own truth, we create a ripple effect in how we choose to use our instrument ~ our body, ourselves.

When we decide to create the life we want to live, doing the thing we love most for a living, while aligning with all the right people for us, we are glowing. We are saying to the world, ‘this is my best version of myself’.

Social media gives us the opportunity to show off our goods and wears. We applaud people who have overcome obstacles against all odds. We feel power in our new version of self because we finally found that synergy between our light and dark; our inner truth and outer awareness and, … our love-defined sense of purpose.

It’s a beautiful thing Up

Flow up

When we flow up, we create a space in our time that allows us to be our most creative self. How do we accomplish it in a world so full of noise? Easy. We first recognize that it’s not easy until we’ve exercised our minds to know that it is easy to shut out distractions. This is the most important part.

When I’m painting and in flow with that work, the work is no longer work, but instead an extension of self. The same is true when I’m writing. It can be whatever we wish it to be. Stay curious and open to your own mind. Train yourself not to doubt your exploration of self, rather than turn to the opinions of others for confirmation that you are doing ‘it’ right. Whatever ‘it’ is that you want to do.

One of my favorite corny sayings in true modern meme fashion is create your own pink bubble. I’m also a Reiki practitioner. I don’t do it professionally. Not at the moment, but I know when I’ve created a vortex of good energy around me. It means, to never be afraid of the dark, but instead, to embrace our yin and our yang.

I also know when I need to pay attention to the toxic energy that clouds my flow. As a flow writer, I’m grateful for the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and the Tao Teachings that taught him and whomever it was that taught Laozi before him.

Embrace the empowerment of flowing up.

In Peace and Light,

K. Aren

Author: K. Aren Henry has a masters in community psychology and an advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling. The Light Life is part of her “happiness noir” series, copyright 2021 ©  She’s a private practitioner and researcher in the United States. Henry Healing dot com is her calling card. 



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