The light life energizes us to be open to living our best life. But, that’s not the only way to be. Have you ever felt like you don’t have any energy left? 2021 drained a lot of people of a lot of energy. We were tested with healing on multiple levels this year. 

December is the end of a lightning-speed journey of living this year. At least, that’s the way it felt to me. How did you do? We lost people. All of us did. In my pet world, a lot of us also lost our dogs this year. Maybe I’m more aware of it because my own 16 year old buddy passed away not that long ago. A long battle with a terminal illness. 

Death Energy was on my mind this year.

I felt his energy leaving him long before he actually died in my arms. The moment he did, I also felt his energy (soul) leaving his body. I felt his spirit set free. In that moment of his last breath, I felt relief that he wasn’t suffering in tandem with profound sadness that my one and only constant companion during this pandemic was now gone. 

We are not all sunshine or bright, incandescent lights of love all the time. We can’t possibly be balanced, happy, healthy humans without also experiencing grief, suffering and sadness. 

The balance between the dark and the light is the key to the art of living. We will have wonderful upsides that lean toward joy. Surrounding ourselves with people who will support us no matter what we experience is also a pillar of living in a ‘positive psychology’ of life. 

If we knew when we were going to die, would we live more purposefully today? So often we hear that when we are dangerously close to knowing our end date, we become more aware of the life we were given. 

When I write, think, live, do, am all the parts of my own life, I also wonder about yours.

I want to know about your well-being. The well-being of the global health of our planet beyond what we are exposed to has a collective energy to it. Some of us in the field of pos psych are focused on the micro, but I’m focused on the macro at this stage in my career. 

We can be both. When we are in a dark, sad space of grief, it doesn’t mean that we are unworthy of love, respect, attention or notoriety. It means that we are human, being human in a very organic way. 

Our energy will not burn bright 100% of the time. There will be dull days where we live in the shadows of our brilliant selves. We are still doing what is best for us to be energized. Resting from time to time, is all we need to remind us that not all the glitters is gold and not all darkness is without the stars to guide us back to love. 

Sometimes, what we need is the light from a single star to remind us of our place in the world. We are energized by the reminder that love lights up our inner darkness. 

In Peace and Light,

K. Aren

Author: K. Aren Henry has a masters in community psychology and an advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling. The Light Life is part of her “happiness noir” series, copyright 2021 ©  She’s a private practitioner and researcher in the United States. Henry Healing dot com is her calling card.



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