Rhianna has a song that reminds us all to, “Shine bright like a diamond in the sky …” encouraging her listeners to be the glow up of their own choosing.

All the challenges in the world can’t take your light from you, but they sure do try from time to time. 2021 reminded us of the darkness we all experience, some more than others. It was a tester year for millions of people around the globe. It was one of those years that gave us challenges, upstarts, grief, sadness, and in some cases, trauma.

Some people experienced post traumatic growth, and positive affirmations, but not all.

The song of our choosing

When we put together our year end playlists, we think about the whole of our lives in review. The positives and the negatives. We say goodbye to those who have left us and hello to new ideas, or adventures we wish to take in the new year.

We reflect on where we are, and where we wish to go. Who we have in our lives that ignites our passion for living our best life is intertwined with those who hold us back. We are human after all. Complete with flaws to compliment our successes, there is nobody on earth who is purely good fortune all the time. If that were true, this field of psychology would not exist.

Diamond or Star particles?

We know now that we’re all part of the star particles that emanated from the very formation of our planet all those billions of years ago. When we’re faced with the challenging years, we can always feel ourselves being pulled into the darkness of the human condition but have the option to look up into the stars.

The darkness around us invites in the stars within us.

When I started writing for The Positive Psychology People six years ago, it was a way for me to connect to people outside my own small rural place on the planet where I was isolated from a majority of others in the field. I was the only person interested in the positive psychology where I was located. I was the only person teaching it at my university and I was the only one who knew the foundational philosophy of it.

It was isolating.

My connections with the IPPA and the MAPP’s of the world started in 2007. You all gave me the light and encouragement to understand that we are all connected through this common theme.

If it weren’t for you diamonds shining bright in your part of the planet, others would not have found the inspiration to continue on in the pursuit of happiness or the courage to see through their darkness.

We do not only stay focused on the light, happy, sparkly diamond to live our best life. We also live through moments of painful growth. A diamond, after all, begins as a black lump of coal, sparkling only after being put through extreme pressure.

To everyone in the positive psychology field and especially to Lesley, Iain and the supporters of these pages, I wish you the very best New Year as our adventures await.

In gratitude for your support. You kept the spark alive for those of us, who needed someone else to hold the light for a while.

K. Aren

In Peace and Light,

Author: K. Aren Henry has a masters in community psychology and an advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling. Her doctoral dissertation focused on subjective well-being in unity with belonging. The Light Life is part of her “happiness noir” series, copyright 2021 ©  She’s a private practitioner and researcher in the United States. Henry Healing dot com is her calling card.



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