I have always been interested in the symbolism of doorways. As a photographer, I loved taking photographs of different doorways that I am drawn towards and then I place the completed image on solid walls to create a new aperture, an imaginative way through and beyond what may seem to be impenetrable.

When I coach and a client mentions a door – I am always deeply curious to inquire “Is your doorway an exit or an entrance and or both?”

In this photograph of the Aurora Borealis the sky suddenly and quite miraculously opened to reveal what seemed like a portal, a doorway in the darkness of the night sky, through which the Northern Lights were able to enter. I recall in this moment, contemplating that if I were to discover such a doorway – one that led me away from my own darkness and what may be troubling me most – my fears and doubts and the things I may tend to push away – then, where would this doorway lead me?

And what would I discover on the other side? And bring back?

In drawing this card, you may wish to explore your own imaginary doorway and where it might lead you, and the opportunity it might offer you right now.

Clients I have worked with who are ending their current employment and leaving an organisation, refer to this as ‘exiting’. Sometimes we may be forced to leave our work and the ‘exiting’ can be painful. However, in the wise words of my mother “when one door closes, another one opens”.

Imagine that you have your own special doorway.

Firstly, describe your doorway in your mind’s eye.

What does it look like?

What type of door is it?

Where is it?

Secondly, be deeply curious about your doorway and where it might lead?

Imagine that this doorway can offer you a very welcomed way out.

What would you walk away from right now?

And why?

How would exiting serve you?

Where would your doorway lead?

Thirdly, consider there is something that you desire and wish to ‘enter into’ or move towards.

Is this a new opportunity?

A new friendship? A new place? A new activity or occupation? A new discovery? A new adventure? Or something else?

Name what you most wish to step towards right now.

Finally, imagine walking through your special doorway that leads to your desired new opportunity.

What is your experience of arriving there?

Imagine what you will discover?

What is the gift you will find there?

Take what time you need to respond.

Doorways are so valuable. Real and or imaginary.

Another example which may be useful to you in drawing this card. Consider your current work and role. And then, imagine that you gave yourself permission to look for something else – what you deeply believe to be your ideal occupation of choice. And, for a while you could choose to ‘walk out’ through your imaginary doorway, towards your occupation of choice.

Now, once again imagine walking through your doorway and discovering your occupation of choice.

Is it the same or different to your current occupation?

If it’s different, how so?

How do you feel in making the discovery of your occupation of choice?

Now having had this experience, choose to go back through your door and return to your current occupation.

What is your experience of returning?

And how does this inform your choice?

What have you learned?

When I am coaching, and someone says I want to leave my role. My immediate invitation is to invite them if they are willing to walk through their own doorway. Paradoxically, only through stepping out, do we truly discover our choice to stay.

Sometimes an imaginary doorway can also help us to escape for a while to somewhere we would prefer to be.  Imagine once again that you had such a doorway. One which led to the place where you would love to be more than anywhere else?

Where would your doorway lead?

Allow yourself to step through and arrive.

What would being there give or gift you?

May you, at times of indecision when feeling confused, stuck or deeply troubled find your doorway and explore your exit and entrance – where your doorway would ideally lead, and what you would discover there and return with?

May you always recognise that you have a choice to ‘walk away’ – to be able to exit through your doorway – to be clear of whether you wish to remain – may such special doorways remind you of the importance of choices.

May you help others who are feeling lost, or in their own darkness to discover their own doorways and ultimately explore if and how they wish to move forward.


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