The Emotional Carousel that encompasses the inner emotional turmoil gathered through the journey of life. It lays in the wake of our existence, sometimes gentle vibrating, sometimes engulfs every essence of you and sometimes it feels like it has vacated somewhere new as you feel emotional freedom from the pain and suffering life has endured.

The natural duality of life will send you storms and sunshine as you meander your way through the unknown path of life. There is power, real inner power being able to see the sunshine through the darkest of storms. This is not easy and may not come as you are experiencing the storm, it can come if you let your mind drift there after the turbulence as you give yourself permission to view things from different perspectives.

What is the Emotional Carousel?

So, what is this Emotional Carousel? It is full of life lessons, it is full of time that has past, it is you in the here and now, it is transparent as well as a solid feeling force when the control and balance is tilted away from your central core, your central being. It is your blueprint full of all the aspects that makes you – you, the past you, the present you and the future you.

It is full of the all the cycles you have had, and it has the ability for ever changing if you let the Carousel flow. It can have momentum and move you along or it can act like an anchor keeping you stationary. This stationary position felt over time, will feel like being stuck because flow feels absent.

It is full of the rainbow of emotions that pendulums between the spectrum of fear and love allowing you to feel all those other emotions along the pendulum line. It can be harnessed to a set point of love, peace and joy, but only if you embrace the journey of the duality dimension. You cannot experience night without day and so this duality exists within the power of the emotional body, which is the power of your story.

Stories and collective connections

Each story is individual but with collective connections that runs through the human experience, each story has an inspirational code, which will help one person through their storm. Whether you shine your light to transform one person from the storm into the rays of sunshine or encompass inspiration for a tribe of people, the ripple of inspiration from our stories on this Emotional Carousel will continue to move us towards our triumph.

The power of positive psychology

This is the power of Positive Psychology, it is not asking to forget, avoid or displace the storms in our lives, it is searching, researching, collaborating and sharing what creates that human spark that drives hope, compassion, resilience, happiness and all those wonderful areas of life that now umbrellas under Positive Psychology.

It provides the science behind the spirituality of humanity. Where we shift from surviving to thriving. Where we can see ourselves at our best, where we stop dimming our light and let it glow because we move from shame-led thinking and living to more heart-led. We have entrenched centuries of the power of fear and it serves a purpose for survival, but in this paradigm shift fear cannot only be the fuel driving us forward. Love must play its part.

So, this Emotional Carousel can either be led by fear, led by love or have a duality of both. It is a personal choice full of personal responsibility to get to know ourselves, so we navigate with authenticity. It is about evolving through the spectrums of the stages of life, ever unfolding and ever blossoming. Sharing kindness, setting boundaries and belonging to a tribe where they work with you so you all shine bright.

The Emotional Carousel is your inner emotional compass guiding you. Staying connected even in those times where you have disconnected and have forgotten to listen to the inner core of you. It pulses a rhythmic pattern that can be tuned to create wonderment or destruction. It is the life force within us that always has the potential to be great, the key is to know what authentically is great for you.

It moves around with meaning and purpose at its core. Each Emotional Carousel is coded differently, not one is the same. It is like the Earth orbiting around the sun. The Earth has its own individual orbit has its journeys around the sun. We have our own emotional orbit around this quest of life.

About the author: Kelly Seaward became a teacher in 2003, graduating from The Central School of Speech and Drama. She is also a Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Currently she is a MAPP student at Bucks New University. Her passion is helping people to live positive, more joyful lives through changing their mind-sets, self-development and education.


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