Strategic – The What If Strength

People with the Strategic StrengthsFinder talent theme are always asking, “What if this or that happens?” Think of the game of chess. What if the person moves there then this is how I will move.
The Strategic talent allows people to sort through the clutter and find the best route.

Understanding the Strategic Strength

Strategic is a strategic thinking leadership theme and ranks 5 in frequency out of all 34 talent themes.
It is most often paired with Ideation/Learner at .29% of the time and least likely paired with Harmony at .00% of the time. 23% of the population have Strategic in their top 5 strengths.

The Balcony of Strategic

One of my CEO coaching clients shared an example of his Strategic. He and his wife were pulling in to park in a parking garage. Their SUV was slightly too tall and started to scrape the ceiling. Marcus stopped, quickly assessed the situation then went around the vehicle letting air out of each tire.
They were immediately on their way again.

Another business owner that I frequently play golf with loves to drive the golf cart. I’m always amazed at the short cuts, efficiency, and fastest routes he finds to the destination.

Words that describe Strategic are creative imagination, risk assessor, possibility thinker, puzzle lover,
disruptor, maneuver, designer, predictor, navigator, and ambitious.

The Basement of Strategic

People with Strategic may become bored of always doing things the same way. I saw this in an executive team building session I was facilitating. The session got hijacked and became a finger pointing event. A member with a Strategic thinking talent theme admitted, “He was bored.” He intentionally stirred up the meeting for something new and exciting.

People with Strategic thinking talent may be naturally fast thinkers, fast talkers, and poor listeners. They can quit listening to others because their brain has already arrived at the destination long before you get to the point.

Contrasting Strategic

Strategic is a natural evaluator of possibilities. Analytical is a natural evaluator of realities.
Strategic considers multiple routes. Focus concentrates on a singular destination.

The Power of Strategic is seeing the big picture and knowing the next move.
The Joy of Strategic is seeing all the possibilities and instinctively choosing the right option.
The Beauty of Strategic is the accuracy of their diverse perspectives.
The Hope of Strategic is to overcome roadblocks by choosing the right path.

Action Items for Strategic

* Take time to double check all your considerations before choosing a path.
* Stay patient while others are considering options even though you already know the answer.
* Lend your Strategic thinking to groups that value you and your creative thinking.
* Learn how to communicate and activate your ideas with others.

Discovery Questions for the Strategic Strength

* How do you help others see the big picture?
* What is your favorite story of how you were Strategic?
* What have you been reading, learning or doing to become greater at Strategic thinking?
* What groups and where would you like to use your Strategic abilities?
* What ways could you better apply Strategic to your own life and relationships?

About the author: Brent O’Bannon coaches individuals, teams, and organizations as a PCC and the 1st GALLUP Certified Strengths Coach in the world. He is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author.
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