In the journey of life with the trials and tribulations it is so easy to focus on the heaviness of life, which seems to accumulate momentum as we travel our path. These burdens we carry, like lead weight boulders and the more we focus on them the more they travel with us. It is not that they should be ignored as they have influenced us, and they usually come with valuable life lessons, but it is about not letting them help us ignore those moments that brings us joy, peace and love.

The need to rest and play

With the busy, rushing and fast paced life styles that is so easy to adopt in this modern world, the need for rest and play seems to be an afterthought. As we activate our daily lives in the doing mode, we build tension and stress levels which slowly over time impact on our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. As the demands for Ofsted ready, lesson plans, resources, tracking, assessment, professional development, differentiation, intervention… the work pile increases, the time decreases, and your mind struggles to shut of at the end of the day because there is still so much left to do. We focus on the scarcity – what’s not done, who hasn’t reach their progress level, which student caused a negative impact on the class, who’s in detention and the list goes on. The draining effect on energy levels while focusing on the negativity reduces creativity and expansion. This does need to be acknowledged but it is important to access the positive outcomes to maintain an equilibrium.

The need for self-care

The need for self-care is highly important in a pressurised teaching world. The act of putting you first because your energy levels and wellbeing needs restoring is fundamental in optimal functioning. It is about moving from the ‘doing’ lane and moving into the ‘being’ lane and more importantly having a balance of both. The balance brings a calmness in which energy can flow, it provides happiness because you bring back the control, as you become the pilot of your life, navigating the way that is right for you.

Self-care comes in all disguises: sitting down to drinking your favourite tea, getting a massage, doing a hobby you love, spending time with loved ones, doing something new, travelling, sitting in the sun, reading a book, dancing, listening to music and the list goes on, as self-care is a personalised attribute of life, as what provides self-care for one may not be self-care for another, but it’s essential purpose is to refuel. To uplift our spirit, live in the moment and to melt the tension from our hearts and find the inner peace that being busy distorts.

It about the feeling the calmness of a snow layers landscapes brings, the quietness of body, mind and spirit. It is about the joy your heart brings when you are so deeply connected to it. It is about you giving yourself permission to stop. It is about giving yourself permission to do something you love. It is about giving yourself permission to not continue with a schedule.

Self-care does not need to be only be given in holiday times, but little moments of self-care throughout your day, so you don’t become an empty vessel.

About the author: Kelly Seaward became a teacher in 2003, graduating from The Central School of Speech and Drama. She is also a Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Currently she is a MAPP student at New Bucks University. Her passion is helping people to live positive, more joyful lives through changing their mind-sets, self-development and education.


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