“Be in charge of your own happiness”

Before taking this course I thought about how much I hoped to learn some new ways to keep myself happy. An Ah-Ha moment for me was learning about happiness and how to focus on mindfulness. I did not realize how many factors play a role in keeping myself happy. During this course, I have learned that staying happy it truly in my own hands. Although life gets in the way and it is easy to focus on the negative things, making sure to keep my thoughts out of the negative thinking traps helps maintain a happy lifestyle.

Shifting focus from negative to positive

Focusing on things in my life that help me remain a happy person, whether it is working out or just taking some time to read a book plays a factor in maintaining happiness. Happiness overall can come in any form, shape, or size. I learned that it is better for my health to try and stay more positive and to be a happy person. I have noticed that I used to focus a little too much on the negative,  and it seemed as if that was all my life was made up of. When I began focusing more on the positive that surrounds me every day I began to feel overjoyed.

A happy me, a happy world around me

Now I try to set some time aside for myself away from my mother and wife role. During this time I do something that I enjoy doing. Although being a mother and wife has created some of the greatest days of my life, I noticed that I only focused on the happiness of my husband and my son, hardly ever my own. I came to the realization that when I am happy the world around me is happy as well.

About the author: Pricilla Welch is from Sacramento, California. Also currently a student at Chaminade University. She hopes to further her education in Psychology to one day become Dr. Pricilla Welch.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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