Positive Psychology advocates Positive behaviours with the current climate an amalgamation of Positive emotions with actions is a much needed attribute to avoid the cultivation of negative emotions. I feel at this point of everyone’s mind we question ourselves about what is a meaningful life. I feel the PURE approach will overcome all suffering and difficult times.

What is PURE in Plato’s words “Blessed are the pure of heart (hoi katharoi te karda), for they shall see God” (Boyle, M, O, 2002). Then you have the PURE model advocating the four processes whereby a meaningful existence can be acquired through Purpose, Understanding, Responsible actionn and enjoyment/evaluation (Wong, 2010,2011). Thereafter the PERMA model advocates cultivation of Positive emotions, engagement in one’s environment, building Positive relationships, implementing meaningful tasks and identifying one’s accomplishments (Seligman, 2011). The purpose of the models is to provide a framework in which people can cultivate a holistic Positive Wellbeing allowinhuman beings to purposefully acquire a more meaningful vision of optimal psychological well being. You have a key three-dimensional outlook on Positive well being with the PURE, PERMA and philosophical religious elements act as key driving forces for a more wholesome Positive well being for all attribute.

What Positive Psychology Practitioners can do elevate Psychological Wellbeing

The purpose of Positive Psychology practitioners is to apply their expertise to build positive organisations and societies for the betterment of humanity for a more flourishing Global world. Some positive practices are volunteering your time to support the community through email/telephone support, building Positive Communication hubs whereby like-minded people can share their feelings, offering help to local community groups and political parties who are conducting tasks for the community.

What do we learn from COVID-19?

Family, friends and good work colleagues matter as building Positive relations is the core key foundation for cultivating pure motivational driving forces that harbour you through adverse circumstances. The following meaningful activities further enhance your Positive Wellbeing with the implementation of meditation or listening to religious sermons does indeed boost your inner psychological peace. The acquisition of acquiring a Positive adaptive mindset entails the cultivation of three positive emotions for every one negative emotion so as to be mindful in balancing your psychological well being. Creating Positive communication hubs for your Positive emotions to be communicated is essential to one’s Positive well being also.

Let’s start a Positive Global Platform which cultivates Positive Wellbeing for all as it is much needed for the Unity, Peace and humanity of our mere existence on this world.


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