Positive Psychology and Poetry

Positive Psychology advocates the cultivation of positive emotions this is possible through the process of association of absorbing rich literature. Positive psychology refers to this as a form of flourishing behaviour. The novel aim of poetic therapeutic methods is to experience flourishing behaviours through the following ways: flow experiences, building upon positive social relationships, cultivating a sense of meaning or purpose in life and broadening ones personal accomplishments with a positive growth mindset approach.

Bearing that in mind I shall convey my favourite poetry idols. Firstly, Rumi has a very higher functioning level of spirituality with the main purpose of conveying such meaningful words that opens your door to your soul “observe the wonders that occur around you” Rumi. This poetic simplistic phrase cultivates the need for you to embrace the beauty of the world through your eyes.

Then you have the magnificent Alama Iqbal with “reach for the sky in such heights that even destiny asks what do you require oh human” my favourite words of wisdom as they embed an inner motivation to succeed in life.

Then you have the magnificent William Shakespeare “The eyes are the window to your soul”. Such immense formidable words conveying many layers of meaning that unravel the authenticity of your being.

My sustenance of my soul Imam Ali AS “ I will be patient, until even patience tires of my patience.” The soulful words of wisdom that acquires a PURE mindset to really delve into the inner Positive Spiritual quest called the human quest for meaning

Poetic therapy within Positive Psychology

The most profound model is the Nicolas Mazza one defining poetry therapy as receptive/prescriptive, expressive/creative and symbolic/ceremonial. The initiation of introducing poetic literature is demonstrated within the receptive/prescriptive component. The expressive/creative component entails creative writing thus empowering the individual to express their authentic emotions giving strength to one’s inner self. The symbolic/ceremonial component entails encompassing the utilisation of metaphors, storytelling and ritual thus acquiring these amazing methods to express oneself in an adaptive manner (Mazza, N 2003). The three-dimensional approach to cultivating a positive mindset through Poetry is very invigorating indeed.

Worldwide Positive Poetry Platform

The National Poetry Library has many exuberating resources and membership is free.  The Poetry Book Society is another positive platform to share rich poetic literature reaching to a very huge audience. The purpose of enriching literature is to cultivate flow experiences and ignite the vital ingredients for creating flourishing behaviours for all. Let’s start our Positive Poetic pathway for Positive Wellbeing for all.

This piece of writing is dedicated to my favourite poet Alama Iqbal my inner motivational passion for poetry.


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