Heather White, the founder & CEO of OneGreenThing.org, addressed the World Happiness Summit (WOHASU) on how the climate crisis is impacting our mental health, leading to eco-anxiety, especially among young people. Many of us feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to contribute to meaningful change when systemic shifts seem out of reach. Heather, a mother of two teenagers, understands the stress that young people feel from the constant stream of unsettling news about the environment seen on the news and social media that can make it seem like we are powerless to make a positive difference. 

However, Heather emphasised that individual contributions do matter. Although not everyone can be an eco-warrior there are vital roles for the supporters, encouragers and cheerleaders as well. She advocates matching one’s contributions to personal interests, strengths and communication styles. Taking small, consistent steps towards sustainability can, not only give individuals a sense of agency, but also help to drive cultural change within our workplaces, friends and families. 

Heather’s book, ‘One Green Thing,’ set to be released in April 2024, contains a 21-day kickstarter plan that details specific steps we can take. She reminded us,  “Without clean air, clean water and a livable climate there is no wellbeing and our purpose is intrinsically linked to sustainability”.

WOHASU plays such an important role by providing a platform for world experts like Heather to share key insights and the practical guidance we need to make a significant difference in the world both collectively and as individuals.

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