I play a mental check-in game when I first wake up. What’s my first lucid thought? Our first thought when we wake up? It’s always a left over from our dream state. This lucidity sets the tone of the day. Making the the unconscious, conscious. We have to practice making our thoughts conscious. We can’t be in flow with our thoughts if we are aware that we are aware of our thinking. But, we can consciously shift our thinking toward a direction that helps us to have a more peaceful sleep.

This lucid shift toward being aware of our thoughts, emotions and physical action is how we become better versions of ourselves. To be clear about who we are and what we truly want for ourselves gives us informed expression of action toward our goals.


When we suffer, or live through traumatic events, our lucidity becomes a muddled mottled mess. We live in a cyclone of uncertainty which in turn, creates a panic in that we can’t successfully function. When we dream, we have nightmares. When we wake up, the negative emotions flood us. With that neurological cess pool of toxic thought is a regular ouroboros.

Except, according to ancient wisdom, the implication of the ouroboros is a symbol of infinite wisdom in and of itself. Does that mean that when one becomes lucid, we also realize that our dream state and wake state are one in the same? Could it be possible that in truth, all healing lives in the sentient truth that we are all capable of thriving, simply by thinking?

The concept of our lucid, clear, luminous ultimate whole, purposeful, meaningful lives are within us is the greatest concept of all time.


We do not need coaches, or therapists, or doctors, or helpers of any kind. We need to tap into the lucid reality of our own potential in order to thrive, to survive, to live that incandescent happily ever after that so many seem to be chasing.

This, in Maslow’s world was called self-actualization. It’s an extremely rare achievement. Why then, would we not all want to turn toward creating a life that is without flaw? That would mean giving up the indulgence of judgement. Freeing ourselves of all worry. Flowing from unconscious to conscious and back again with the ease of a bird in flight? Lucidity.

It’s also one of the most difficult states of ‘being’ to achieve. Which is why it is so desirable and why so many people are acquiring millions upon millions of dollars by studying it. We have all convinced ourselves that we need a guide through our own minds. Maybe we do. That’s okay too.

The lucidity of our energy is within us. If our first thought of the day is one based in negativity, shift toward one positive thought. If the first thought is made lucid to our conscious mind, we have the mental strength to vanquish it to it being just a thought. Of course, if it were that easy, this noetic nomad would have a desk job. 😉

Peace & Love!



About the Author: Daly-Karen Henry, MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of positive, existential and community psychology.



“We Are The Positive Psychology People”

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