Healing is not for the faint at heart. It’s a journey that takes strength. It takes courage. It takes drive. It takes an action plan, support system, plus a whole lot of love. I myself use Reiki as a vessel for healing. It’s a gentle yet powerful method of creating one’s connection to health.

Guided imagery helps us to see into the light of a client’s life. More importantly. It allows them to see themselves from the inside out. From the crown to the third eye toward the throat, then onto the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral and finally, the root. Each of the body’s chakras have a place amongst our modalities of healing. Some scientists dismiss the connection, where as others, have conducted empirical research, quantifying the power of tapping into a part of the being that perhaps is the most valuable part.

East meets west.

New age or old school? All are true.

I work from a place of the deepest form of guided imagery.

It was Reiki that allowed me to go to a depth of self-love that I had not visited in a great number of years. Using Reiki I was about to consciously become aware of my thoughts.  This simply meant that I was finally listening to my unconscious mind in conscious decision making. It’s not for everyone. But then, neither is any one particular model of anything. Including hypnosis, certain types of therapies, or, coaching.

Our strength as professionals sits in knowing what we do well, and what we can improve on.

Theories vary in psychology because individuals vary. Religions are diverse because, we ourselves are diverse. There are no two identical people. We all know we can’t apply a one-size-fits all healing method to everyone. That is why we are best when we are malleable.

When we are flexible in our growth as practitioners, we’re doing our best work.

I chose Reiki because that’s what works for me. It helps me to create a deep space of relaxation in order to create a space of meditative peace, calmness, oneness with myself. This is also true of clients.

Healing is built on trust.

It’s similar to hypnosis in that it allows us to tap into the source of strength and power we already process but never truly pay attention to. This is where the healing happens.

Scholars search for meaning of meaning. Poets delve deeply into it, sculpting it into a masterpiece upon which humans find passion for our connection to the stars. Artists? They paint the sky with our emotional attachment to all else.

Our noetic search of healing begins within. A true infusion of wholeness.

When we desire a full, healthy, whole life, we are on the greatest journey of the human experience. The courage to step forward into a healed experience means that we open our hearts to loving ourselves. Something we all seem to want, but are afraid to ask for. We have to trust ourselves in order to heal ourselves. Nobody can do that for us. It has to begin within.

Peace & Love,



About the Author: Karen Henry, MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of positive, existential and community psychology. Karen also writes a regular blog for The Positive Psychology People from a ‘clarity’ perspective & a new entrepreneur blog on LinkedIn. Her new book, The UnWiseOwl Companion is launching on July 31st, 2017.



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