I’ve been studying universal energy known as Reiki for the past year and a half. I’ve become a Reiki master, which simply means that I’ve studied three levels of Reiki. The micro, meso and macro levels of how energy can transform a pain body into a non-pain body.

Not everyone knows about or believes in it. A great number of people don’t understand it. Some people believe it’s some sort of religion. I know I didn’t fully understand it when I first learned of it.

The mind-body and pain or physical body is well known in our eastern cultures. I live in the west. We are only now coming around to fully understanding the power of thought, of action, of the quantum physics involved in our cell structure.


We feel it. We’re made of it. We can shift our thinking to involve a positive or negative mindset. We all know that, and through positive psychology, talk about it all the time.

Feeling positive is great. Knowing that we’ll thrive in spite of our negative experiences? That feels powerful.

We call it something else, but that’s in essence, what it is. A manipulation of our energy toward a healthier mind, body and spirit. We can own it, or it can own us. We struggle with that concept because it’s 100%  entirely up to us.

We own our experiences, which too often feels too powerful for us to handle. We aren’t always prepared to feel our own power.


We become fully empowered to live our best lives when we own our own emotions. We have to acknowledge all of it. We have to feel all, without fearing any.

One of the things I see in the new age community that is only a part of our whole person approach to health and wellness, is this trend toward acknowledge the happy thoughts, the positive thinking.

The same is true of the manipulation of energy. Universal energy, according to Reiki, will go where it is needed.

Power of Healing

We should never fear or avoid our negative side. We are better humans when we allow ourselves to feel all of our emotions. We become more aware of our outer world, when we become comfortable with our internal world.

To love ourselves, we have to learn how to love, nurture and accept our total package. Part of that package feels uncomfortable. Part of our whole person is unpleasant. We heal when we know what hurts, and how that hurt came to pass. Only then, can we cure ourselves in order to thrive in our universal connection to each other.

To love ourselves, we have to own our own life. All of it. That doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen. It means that we aren’t afraid of the dark energy. It means that our good outweighs the bad.


About the Author: Karen Henry [Daly], MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of positive, existential and community psychology. Wednesday is my Tuesday.



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