This is the first Tuesday I’ve missed in 13 weeks. The reality is, I was busy! I forgot. Which is what happens when we have so much to do, we just can’t get to it. “Busy” is a problem that needs to be fixed. For me, it is. Have you experienced this? Most of us have.

I was up at 3 am, on the road for a 4 hour trip to an airport with a 4 hour drive back, just to spend some time with my daughter who is off on an adventure. I got back in time for a 1 hour soccer game for my son, followed by a half of an attempt at dinner and conversation with my family. I was busy.

Blessed. But busy. Gratitude for the ability to do any of it at all. Counted all the blessings. Still, tired in the doing. 

That was my reality. I was grateful and also tired and also thought about how much I didn’t get done. One does not outweigh the others.

There is always that solo parent’s voice reminding me of the to-do list. Always telling me what has to happen next.

‘Always’ can be a battle zone.

Always reminds me of the 24×7 juggling act that is the life of a solo parent with very busy children.

  • I do count my blessings.
  • I do carve out meditation time.
  • I master the deep cleansing breath.
  • I am absolutely focused on gratitude, grit and resilience as I also process my reality.

In truth, it would be glorious to simply think myself more rested, to wish away the stressors that toy with my life like a cat with a mouse. I would absolutely love to move to a location more in line with where I’d like my life to match my vision board.

A lovely life.

When I hear statements from coaches like, “what would that look like”, I smile. Not because I can see it as well, but because we all have a fantasy life that in reality is the challenge itself.

The reality is, not everyone can afford to dream; has a support system; and some are fighting battles we just don’t know about. For a majority of people in our world who live just under paycheck to paycheck, the reality is, ‘dreaming’ is an expensive investment.

It’s a mental workout to stay stuck in the positive all the time. It’s a dangerous reality to never go there at all. It’s reality to have an off-day. It’s human to stop trying to do all things for all people. Tell that to a solo parent, and the reality is, they will most likely take the dream but know that “positive thinking” isn’t always possible. Give yourself permission to just feel overwhelmed once in a while. You’re human. I know I am.

Gotta Run!


About the Author: Karen Henry (Daly), MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of positive, existential and community psychology.



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